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Committee Descriptions (full descriptions sent to applicants)

Provincial Coaching Committee | Full Description

The Provincial Coaching Committee is an ongoing committee, with focus on developing coaches and providing resources to give coaches the experience and knowledge needed to be successful.  The committee will determine coaches to represent Ontario based on each individual event. This will help share opportunities, encourage development and promote participation.

High Performance Committee Full Description

The High Performance Committee is an ongoing committee, focused on Long-Term-Athletic-Development with the goal of podium successes for Ontario athletes.  This committee will assist in developing training camps, talent identification, athlete testing and will determine athlete selection for Provincial representation.  

Female Development Committee Full Description

This will be a probationary committee (as it’s in its first year), that will focus on our female athletes.  The focus will be on developing female athletes of all ages and experience, recruitment and retention of new athletes and creating training and competition opportunities.

Financial Committee Full Description

The purpose of the Finance Committee, is to ensure that the Board of Directors fulfills its legal, ethical, functional and fiscal responsibilities through adequate finance policy development for Board approval, participation in the development of financial, budget and investment strategies, ensuring that there is adequate security over the organization’s funds and accounting records, monitoring of finance activities, and liaison with the external auditors.

Strategic Planning CommitteeFull Description

The Strategic Planning Committee is a one time committee that will help determine the goals and objectives of the organization over the next few years.  This is essentially building a business plan that incorporates several aspects of the organization including governance, finance and operations.

Fund Development Committee | Full Description

The Fund Development Committee creates, directs and monitors a comprehensive and tactical fund development plan for operational revenue generation. The plan is based on specific goals established annually by the Board of Directors as part of the strategic Plan.

Marketing and Communications Committee | Full Description

The purpose of this committee is to provide assistance and expertise in the development and implementation of effective Marketing and Communications plans for Boxing Ontario in support of the organization’s goals and objectives and to oversee successful Boxing Ontario events.

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