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ATTENTION COACHES/ATHLETES: Please review the following International Travel Permit Policy as required prior to submitting application

Travel Permit Form


Following is the Ontario Travel Policy for Boxing Ontario Officials:


For Travel Outside the Province/Country:

Level 2 (or lower): May only work in Ontario. Officials will be notified of assignments and other opportunities directly assigned by Boxing Ontario Officials Commission.   International Requirements: It is mandatory to complete the Out-Of-Province Official Travel Permit (see above) when accepting these assignments.
Level 3 (or higher): If asked, may work club shows in border states and Canadian provinces with approval of Boxing Ontario Regional Director.   Grounds for Denial: Officials who are not active locally may be denied working outside of Canada
Level 4 (National or higher) and AIBA International Officials: May work non-advancing/qualifier club and local events outside of province and country with approval of Boxing Ontario Officials Commission.   Officials Reporting: Officials must complete an Out-Of-Province Official Report informing the Officials Commission of any controversy or conflict that may have occurred following the competition (regardless of involvement)
International Championships and Advancing/Qualifying Tournaments: Any official who approaches or is approached to do an international must direct correspondence to Boxing Canada via. Boxing Ontario Officials Commission. These invitations will be only considered for international officials and must be assigned by Boxing Canada.      
The above criteria will help develop officials and ensure qualified officials represent Canada with the support of Boxing Canada.