Thank you for taking an interest in coaching!

Coaching can be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences someone can have. In your decision to becoming a coach you have decided to commit to use your skills and knowledge to ensure the success of amateur boxing as a sport and to have lasting, positive, impact on an athlete’s life. As a coach you are a teacher, a leader, a mentor. Many athletes will look to you for guidance and expertise. You will be the role model that will enable an athlete to develop athletic and social skills needed to succeed in sport and in life.

A good coach can teach the skills.
great coach also inspires the love of the sport and instills respect for oneself and others regardless of the outcome of the bout. A legendary coach not only teaches and inspires others in and outside the ring but also constantly learns and shares their knowledge and thus, changes for the better the sport of boxing, the athletes and all those involved.

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