Boxing Ontario Committees

Boxing may be an individual sport, but in order to excel, a strong team component is essential. Our member-driven committees help build a stronger, more cohesive organization. Learn more about the goals and responsibilities of the committees below. View our application form here to see which committee member positions are currently available.




High-Performance Committee


The High-Performance Committee focuses on podium success for Ontario athletes at national and international level events. Goals and objectives of the Committee should be in accordance with the current long-term athlete development (LTAD) and Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) methods supported by sport science. Duties of the High-Performance Committee shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating and monitoring a list of High-Performance Athletes for development;
  • Developing training programs and testing protocols for athletes, including a Provincial Gold Medal profile;
  • Supporting all athlete-based programs. This includes athlete selection for advancing tournaments, selecting athletes for international competition and creating High-Performance events;
  • Outlining and assisting in training objectives for the Coaching Committee to execute during training camps;
  • Advising the Board of Directors on any athlete-based decisions not already covered by another Boxing Ontario policy.


The High-Performance Committee consists of five members who have knowledge relative to Long-Term Athlete Development and Periodization: the Committee Chair (appointed) and four other coaches as selected by the Board of Directors (minimum of one female coach). Preference should be based on experience and ability to contribute.




Female Development Committee


The Female Development Committee (FDC) creates ongoing opportunities for female athletes to develop through methods including, but not limited to, sparring, training camps, competitions, outreach to other provinces, and events. Additionally, the FDC develops initiatives to recruit more female athletes of all ages, executes any other development initiatives that present themselves, and assists the High-Performance Committee when necessary.



The FDC consists of five members: the Committee Chair (appointed) and four members as selected by the Board of Directors.





Coaching Committee


The Coaching Committee exists to facilitate the development of Ontario coaches (outside of the existing National Pathway, or NCCP). The Coaching Committee will be tasked with:

  • Planning Provincial Team training camps (based on objectives provided by the High-Performance Committee);
  • Development of coaching seminars or training sessions;
  • Selection of coaches/mentors for National, International, and High-Performance events;
  • Any other coaching initiative as determined by the Board of Directors.


The committee shall encourage participation and share opportunities among Boxing Ontario coaches and serve the development of others.



The Coaching Committee consists of five members who have knowledge and experience relative to Boxing Ontario coaching matters (i.e. all matters relating to the development of coaches): The Committee Chair (appointed) and four other coaches as selected by the Board of Directors (minimum of one female coach).



Governance Committee

Reporting to the Board of Directors, and supported directly by one member of the Board of Directors, the new Governance Committee is tasked with:

  1. Monitoring and evaluating “the association’s” functioning based on the current By-Law No. 1
  2. Reviewing and creating recommended edits or additions to By-Law No.1 prior to the AGM to ensure compliance with all the applicable legislation and efficient functioning of the association.
  3. Engaging the Executive Director to ensure Policies and Procedures meet the requirements of By-Law No. 1 as appropriate.
  4. Reviewing and reporting to the Board of Directors on Boxing Canada’s Bylaw(s) or governing policies as they relate to Boxing Ontario.
  5. Assisting in “investigations” of potential By-Law violations by members.