Welcome to Boxing Ontario’s Virtual Officials Training!

In an effort to continuously improve our training programs, Boxing Ontario is working with a local web platform developer, Custom Code Solutions, to develop online training platforms for our officials. We have developed a Virtual Judges Training Platform and a Virtual Referee Training Platform where you can:

  • Judge/referee scenarios from an inventory of recorded bouts, including local, international, amateur, and professional;
  • Compare your scoring results to the Supervisor who uploaded the bout;
  • Compare your scoring and refereeing results to the group of officials who have also participated;
  • Receive feedback on your consistency scoring rounds compared to your reasoning; and
  • Have fun! This is not an evaluation tool, simply a way for you to keep your skills fresh. 

The Virtual Officials Training Platform is available to any official who was registered in 2019. Those who have been inactive for a longer period of time must renew their membership here. If you have any technical issues, please email Paul DeMelo.

How to Get Started

  1. Go to competition.boxingontario.com.
  2. Log in using your email that Boxing Ontario has on file.
  3. Click Forgot Password, and establish a secure password.
  4. Once you sign back in, look for the Training tab on the left-side dashboard. You may use the Judges or Referees modules, or both.
  5. Click on any one of several bouts:
    • You will receive some details on the bout.
    • Click Start Attempt.
    • A recording of the bout will appear.
    • Always answer as if you are watching or refereeing an amateur bout.

Judges Module

  • At the end of each round, a scoring pad will appear.
  • Score the round by selecting the winner, followed by scoring the opponent. As in a real scoring pad, you cannot correct your score).
  • Once you score the round, a reasoning board will appear.
  • Select 3 reasons as to why you scored the round the way you did. At the end of the bout, the system will offer feedback on your score’s consistency with your reasoning.
  • You will have between 45-60 seconds to score and offer your reasoning, but you do not have to take that long. Once you are done, simply move to the next round. If you take more than the allotted time, the next bout will start automatically at the end of the allocated time.
  • In most bouts you will have more than one attempt to score, so score as often as you like, up to the number of allowed attempts. The last attempt will be maintained in the system until deleted by the supervisor.

Referee Module

  • At the end of reach round, a series of questions and scenarios will appear.
  • You will have 3 minutes to answer each question, but you can move on to the next scenario once you have answered a question.
  • If you select the wrong answer, you will continue until you get the correct answer (this is not a test, it is a training tool).
  • Once all scenarios are complete, you will see a summary of the questions, with some statistics on how your answers compared to the group.

Have fun with the system, and keep your officiating skills fresh! Go in and score and ref as many bouts as you like. Over time we will upload more bouts. To see new bouts, simply sort on the Status Bar by Completed/Not Completed bouts.

Help Us Find More Bouts

If you have a recorded bout and would like to see it on the platform, simply reach out to Paul DeMelo. Once we assess the suitability of the bout, we will upload it for you and others to judge.