Athlete & Coach Selection Procedures


Provincial Team Selection

● Gold and silver medal winners at Provincials will be offered a spot on the team.

● When a weight class has no entries at Provincials, the High Performance Committee may choose an athlete who shows potential to be a part of the provincial team for developmental purposes. Athletes chosen in this manner will still have to qualify for Nationals.

● Being a member of the provincial team doesn’t automatically qualify an athlete to compete at Nationals or any other event as a part of the Provincial Team. It will be decided at the discretion of the High Performance Committee. CABA will reserve the discretion to refuse.

● Athletes, coaches, and managers selected for these teams will be expected to attend all training camps and competitions as a member of Team Ontario. This does not apply to club competitions and events NOT organized by Boxing Ontario. This requirement will be added to Quest for Gold selection criteria going forward.

Provincial Team Eligibility Criteria:

• Must be an Elite Open category athlete (born 2004 or older and 11+ bouts on your record)
• Must have up-to-date Boxing Ontario Competitive Licence and medical

Coach Selection Procedures


Boxing Ontario will have a maximum of three (3) coaches supporting the Provincial Team (budget dependent) at upcoming tournaments and the preceding preparatory camps. A minimum of one (1) position will be assigned to a female coach (MUST MEET QUALIFICATION STANDARD). Selection to support the Provincial Team at the preparatory camp will not automatically mean selection to support the competition.


NCCP Aspects

Coaches wishing to be considered by Boxing Ontario must be:

• Competition-development ‘in training’ NCCP; or
• A coach who has completed at least six (6) NCCP Competition Development multisport modules; or
• A coach who has completed at least four (4) NCCP Competition Development multisport
modules and Boxing Canada’s Performance Analysis Workshop.

Administrative Aspects

• A member in good standing with Boxing Ontario (PSO) and Boxing Canada;
• A current member of the professional coaching program of the Coaching Association of
Canada (desirable);
• Available for the entire duration of the event (according to the dates above);
• Sign the Code of Conduct;
• Complete the Safe Sport and Respect in Sport online training modules developed by the Coaching
Association of Canada (CAC). Modules can be accessed in “The Locker”;
• English and/or French speaking. (Bilingual is desirable);
• Background checks.


International Eligibility (if applicable)

• Certified at least 1-star IBA, an asset but not required;
• Provide a valid Canadian passport with an expiry of at least six months.


The coaches selected for the team will be required to attend the dettermined training camps. Full participation (every training session) is required, from all selected coaches, unless otherwise authorized in advance by the Coaching Committee or Board of Directors.


The Coaching Committee will review all applications. The candidates who meet the following criteria will be ranked and selected, subject to Board approval:

1. Experience as a coach – Boxing successes within your own boxing club and your role in those successes (Example: Personal coach of an OPEN Provincial or National Team member. Experience with Provincial or National Team at training camps/competitions.)

2. Current NCCP certification level. Current IBA certification Level. Any other Relevant education that could be utilized while coaching the Provincial Team.

3. Experience as an athlete on Provincial or National Teams.



* Important Selection Notes:

A) The Head Provincial Coach, with the approval of the Board of Directors, has the right of first refusal to support the Provincial Team at a tournament or event that is subject to the Coach Selection process.

B) A board approved selection committee, comprised of 1-3 members, will attend a minimum of one training camp to observe and evaluate coaches’ abilities, leadership skills and communication skills.

C) A list of Coach Selections shall be maintained by the Chair of the Coaches Committee. Coaches shall be rotated to give everyone an opportunity for experience and evaluation.

D) Competition Introduction coaches will be considered for an apprentice coach role within the team if approved by the Coaching Committee and the Board of Directors.


Coaches have until the specified deadline to submit their cover letter and resume. Boxing Ontario will email all applicants to advise them of the selection decisions. Only coaches meeting eligibility requirements will be reviewed.


Travel/board expenses are to be determined by the Boxing Ontario Board of Directors.