TERMS OF REFERENCE   Mandate: To provide assistance and expertise in the development and implementation of effective Marketing and Communications plans for Boxing Ontario in support of the organization’s goals and objectives and to oversee successful Boxing Ontario events. -> to increase revenues through sponsorship, event marketing, and merchandise sales – to position Boxing Ontario
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TERMS OF REFERENCE PURPOSE The Fund Development Committee creates, directs and monitors a comprehensive and tactical fund development plan for operational revenue generation. The plan is based on specific goals established annually by the Board of Directors as part of the strategic Plan.   MEMBERSHIP The Fund Development Committee is comprised of one Board Members
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Boxing Ontario Officials Travel Policy And Permit

Boxing Ontario Officials Travel Policy And Permit | Pending Approval Following is the Ontario Travel Policy for Boxing Ontario Officials: Officials Level 2 (or lower): May only work in Ontario. Officials will be notified of assignments and other opportunities directly assigned by Boxing Ontario Officials Commission. Level 3 Officials (or higher), if asked, may work
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Boxing Ontario Committee Application

Committee Descriptions (full descriptions sent to applicants) Provincial Coaching Committee | Full Description The Provincial Coaching Committee is an ongoing committee, with focus on developing coaches and providing resources to give coaches the experience and knowledge needed to be successful.  The committee will determine coaches to represent Ontario based on each individual event. This will
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