To provide assistance and expertise in the development and implementation of effective Marketing and Communications plans for Boxing Ontario in support of the organization’s goals and objectives and to oversee successful Boxing Ontario events.

-> to increase revenues through sponsorship, event marketing, and merchandise sales – to position Boxing Ontario

as a leading brand in the combative sport community

-> to create stronger cross marketing opportunities with provincial partners and clubs – to create programs that increase the number of participants in the sport

– > to generate positive profile for athletes and the sport

-> to support thought program development core values of open communication, transparency, accountability, responsibility, respect, integrity, selflessness, growth and learning, and professional excellence.

-> to ensure Boxing Ontario has effective communications strategies and tools to achieve its goals.

-> to ensure that Boxing Ontario events are successful and well managed.


Key Duties:

In fulfilling its mandate, the Committee will perform the following key duties:

  • Review and input into Boxing Ontario annual marketing and communications plans, developed by staff
  • Development of objectives and measurement criteria
  • Review and make recommendations on new revenue generation strategies.
  • Identify cross marketing opportunities with key stakeholders
  • Conduct annual evaluation of marketing and communications programs
  • Provide input on communications issues that arise.
  • To provide Boxing Ontario staff with ongoing advice related to marketing, communications and events.



The committee will be an Active Advisor to the Board of Directors. The committee will research and review policy issues related to business and risk management and then propose action in the form of a recommendation to the Board for approval.


Marketing Philosophy Composition:

Membership shall consist of a chair who will be a board member and at least four other members. The committee shall have at least two members with expertise in each of the areas of marketing and communications/public relations.



The Board appoints members to the Committee. Members will serve from appointment until the restriking of the committee. Should a vacancy occur on the Committee, for whatever reason, the Board may appoint a qualified person to fill that vacancy for the remainder of the vacant position’s term. The Board may remove any member of the Committee.



Term of membership is one year.



One face-to-face meeting will be held each year, subject to budget availability. Committee meetings will be via conference call. A schedule will be developed by Boxing Ontario staff and circulated at the first meeting of the year.



The Board of Directors will evaluate the performance of the Committee. The performance of the committee will be assessed against the accomplishment of yearly objectives/deliverables. This review will take place immediately prior to the AGM



Committee reports will be provided, in writing, to the Board of Directors no later than one week following each meeting. A final report will be presented at the Annual General Meeting, by the President of the board or chair of the committee.


Review and Approval:

The Board of Directors will review these terms of reference every two years. Approved: December 10, 2019