Here are the latest results for Team Canada from the Francophone Games in Niamey, Niger:

Dec. 9: Richard Reittie lost to Cameroon
Dec. 10:  Jonathon Bochner won KO vs Niger

Dec. 11 :  81kg. Glenn Hunter defeated Gabon
48kg.  Philip Butler lost to Romania
54kg.  Clay Dales lost to Gabon
60kg.  Curtis White lost to Gabon
69kg.  Jordan Clarke lost to Egypt

Richard Reittie got the ball rolling for Team Canada last week, and lost a controversial bout to Cameroon.  Commenting from Niger, Reittie said he was in shock when the referee stopped the contest in the 2nd Round.  Teammate Clay Dales noted that Reittie was leading by 5 points after the first round, and was also surprised of the result.  But he added that the team was having a great trip and truly enjoying the culture of Niger.  “Africa is an amazing experience so far, the culture is very different from back home and I think we take it for granted sometimes on how good we really have it.  It’s amazing though how happy these people are despite their poor living conditions.  The crowds are crazy with drums and music and cheering.  You can yell as loud as you can but I don’t think it has any effect because of the drums and whistles!  The team says hello to everyone back home!”

Quarter-final action begins tomorrow.