Boxing Ontario chronicles the adventures of Adam Trupish and his teammates as they prepare for Athens and fulfill a lifelong dream – to box in the Olympic Games.

Volume 3: Training Preparation (Written by Adam Trupish)

Hey boxing world!  Starting to get excited?!?!?  The last week has been quite busy.  I’m glad I’ve been able to take two months off work.  If not I wouldn’t be able to juggle it all.  The week past has been a media frenzy; television, radio, photo shoots, newspapers, magazines, local and national, but I’ve been sure to get my adequate rest and proper training, which is most important.  Gotta keep a clear and level head.  The city of windsor has asked me to film a safety commercial for children to wear their bike helmets.  It was nice to see the return of my little brother visiting in from B.C. too.  He came to wish me a safe and successful trip.  Myself and the Windsor Amateur Boxing Club members ran a 5 km road race to benefit better health.  My time was 18 min 23sec. 


Training has been great as usual.  I’ve picked up sparring in the states and at home picking up the intensity working on computer scoring strategies and also improving my defense to prevent getting  scored on.


Great fight night for Canadians on Saturday – Dorian vs Gatti.  Now kids you now see the importance and significance of a body shot. I received word that light heavyweight Trevor Stewardson was included to the olympic team.  Yes, its true. we will be heading to athens, aug 8th.  Not much time to adjust to the elements, but gotta work with what you’re given.  Only a couple weeks left, so keep checking in. Also check our boxing schedule at, or e-mail me at [email protected].  See you next week, ciao

Adam 07-25-04