A large field of boxers were out to show their stuff at the Merritton Community Centre in St. Catharines from April 8-10.  Sponsored by TOP TEN Canada, the Ray McGibbons Gloves tournament was a resounding success.  To view the results of each bout, visit the Tournaments Section of the website.  Images provided by K.G. Watkins photography, will be posted shortly in the Image Gallery.

Thank you to the St. Catharines Amateur Boxing Club for putting on such a great show.  Also thank you to all of the officials and volunteers who have provided our boxers with another fantastic season of exceptional boxing tournaments.  We look forward to the next tournaments, including a NEW TOP TEN TOURNAMENT, in the 2005/2006 season.  Here are the award winners from the Ray McGibbons Gloves Tournament, April 8-10, 2005:

Best Cadet Male Boxer – Henri Lopez, Ottawa Beaver Boxing Club
Best Cadet Female Boxer – Amber Williams, Brantford Youth Boxing Club
Best Junior Male Boxer – Thomas Servini, KO King Boxing Club
Best Junior Female Boxer – Vanessa Francis, Tiller’s Boxing Club
Best Senior Male Boxer – Andrew McDonald, Sully’s Boxing Gym
Best Senior Female Boxer – Jill Perry, Ottawa Beaver Boxing Club

Best Prospect – Ben Shamon, McGrory’s Boxing Club
Best Bout Award – Ashleigh Schottlander, St. Catharines Boxing Club vs. Jamie Quigley, Belleville Boxing Club

Best Boxer – Richard Kranitz, St. Catharines Boxing Club
Best Team Award – St. Catharines Boxing Club