Boxing Ontario Awards

As the Champion Series season end draws near, the moment has come for Boxing Ontario and all its members to recognize the efforts, time and dedication our members and volunteers put forth into making each season bigger and better.

The 2007 Boxing Ontario Awards will be held in conjunction with the Ray McGibbon’s Gloves Tournament which takes place from Friday April 20, 2007 to Sunday April 22, 2007. The awards will be announced LIVE on Saturday April 21, 2007.

We strongly encourage ALL members, coaches, officials, competitors, recreation members to submit your nominations for the achievements during the 2006 season.

The awards up for nominations are:

Male & Female Athlete of the Year

Coach, Official & Volunteer of the Year

LEGENDS – Boxer, Coach, Official, & Builder

2007 Awards Criteria

Male & Female Athlete of the Year, Coach, Volunteer & Official of the Year:

Award finalists and winners are selected by an Awards Committee and Executive Board are chosen fairly and without bias, based on the criteria below:   

  1. Details in the bios presented to the Committee and Board, including their major accomplishments in the Calendar Year 2006 – Provincial, National, and International if applicable.
  2. Any exemplary contributions to the sport such as innovations, programs, inspirational stories, or other.
  3. If the nominee has won repeatedly in the past, consideration of another athlete.
  4. Any suspensions or negative contributions to the sport can be considered.

LEGENDS: Boxer, Coach, Official, Builder:

Legends are selected by an Awards Committee and Executive Board and are chosen fairly and without bias, based on the information provided and the criteria below:

  1. BOXER – demonstrating outstanding skills, sportsmanship and accomplishments in the ring.
  2. COACH – bringing athletes to their peek performances throughout innovation and mentorship while promoting the rules and integrity of the sport.
  3. OFFICIAL- referee, judge, doctor, whose steadfast support has greatly impacted the growth and development of Ontario Amateur Boxing.
  4. BUILDER – a pioneer who has served to raise the sport and its governing bodies in the areas of technical improvement, organizational effectiveness, or other.

Get your Nomination Forms Here

Submit your forms by:

Mail: 1185 Eglinton Ave East, 207
        Toronto, ON M3C 3C6

Fax: 416.426.7367

Email: [email protected]