What is Talent ID?

Talent identification (TID) are programs that are designed to identify young athletes with the potential for success in senior elite sport. TID programs connect athletes with training, development, and competitive opportunities that are designed to maximize an athletes’ potential to achieve success.

High Performance Committee (HPC) Initiatives

Talent ID is linked to our other High Performance (HP) programs:

• Athlete testing
• Tracking and monitoring for targeted programming
• Formal testing at CSIO as well as programs for clubs

• Provincial Level Gold Medal Profile
• Guidelines to help you in your athlete planning

• Strategic Event Selection
• International tournaments, dual matches, and training camps

How Do I Get Identified?

Apply! An online application is scheduled to go out at the end of August.
What do I need to apply? A copy of your record book
Can a coach apply for their athletes? Yes
Who are we targeting? JR C through to Elite athletes
Can I apply if I am still Novice? Yes
What if another boxer has already been identified in my
age/weight class? Doesn’t matter.

The HPC wants to identify as many potential boxers as possible!

Why Should I Apply?

The HPC is committed to providing development opportunities to as many qualified boxers as possible.

Activities we are planning (COVID permitting):

• International tournament
• Dual Match events at home and abroad
• Training camps
• Opportunity to work with sport experts
• Athlete Testing at the CSIO
• Sparring and special training ops at the INS in Montreal
• National Team Evaluation event

Our Goals

• To create an open and fair talent identification program that is accessible to all our member athletes.
• To increase the number of opportunities available to our athletes, whether it be through competition or some other
development initiative.
• To increase the number of Ontario athletes on the National Team.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Learn more about Talent ID at our Virtual Town Hall Members Meeting