Join Mary Spencer as she takes us on her journey to the World Championships in Russia, September 25 – October 3, 2005.

Wednesday, Sept.14

6am- sparring at the gym

8am- power training (plyometrics)

11-1pm- rest

5pm- sparring at the gym
      – technical sparring

11pm- bed


5:30am- protein shake, 1g vitamin C
7:30am- banana, almonds
10am- yogurt, milk, bowl of cereal “life”
1:30pm- sandwich, crystal light water, grapes
7pm- hamburger, chips, 2 peanut butter cookies

Today I went and got my second hepatitis A shot.  I also got some medicine for travellers to keep you from getting sick. That would be the worst thing possible.  I also get plenty of rest and take vitamin C.  There are too many people around me (at the gym and at home) who are sick right now.  So far what I’m doing is helping.  I’m also happy about my weight.  Last night before bed I weighed 146.6.  My fighting weight is 145.2, so I am right where I want to be.  The last thing I want to be thinking about the night before a big fight is losing weight.  It is a huge distraction and I always feel like I have one up on an opponent who is dehydrating themself before a fight.

Thursday, Sept. 15

6am- technical sparring at the gym
      -bag/pad work

9am- whirlpool

10-12pm- rest

4pm- sparring at the gym

7pm- sprints at the track

10:30pm- bed

I’ve been feeling a little tight lately so the whirlpool was great.  It’s perfect before a nap because it puts me right to sleep.  In the final days of training, all of my sparring, technical sparring and running is short and explosive.  It is good to be on weight ahead of time because that way you can do the things in training that you need to do, instead of worrying about dieting and running long distances to lose those last pounds.


5:30am- crystal light water, peach
8am- protein shake, banana
12pm- yogurt, flavoured oatmeal, apple, toast
1pm- puddding (mmm)
5:30pm- hamburger, soup,
9pm- frozen yogurt

I’m building confidence every day with the work that I am getting and the things in training that I am starting to see.  Charlie is very encouraging also.  It’s important to have confidence when you are going into a big fight.