Two time Olympians, world champions, national title holders and provincial contenders assemble in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec next week at the Canadian Senior Male & Female Amateur Boxing Championships.  All Gold medal winner’s move on to international boxing rings and a shot at greatness; while their opponents are left to ponder what could have been.  From January 21 to 25, 2009, Ontario’s elite boxing stars will find out who is left standing.

Ontario boasts a very strong core of boxers, led by last year’s dominating National Team members and supported by a long list of extremely gifted provincial champions.  In the men’s corner Ontario is led by 2 time Olympian and several times National Champion Adam Trupish, Toronto’s rising stars Steve Franjic and Ibrahim Kamal and also Oshawa’s Heavyweight Frankie Rill.  The women’s national team is fronted by World champion, Windsor’s Mary Spencer, a strong candidate to being one of the first female boxing Olympians in 2012.  Kitchener’s Mandy Bujold and Sudbury’s Amber Konikow also compliment an Ontario women’s team that won an astonishing 9 out of 13 spots on the National Team at last year’s National Finals. Ontario males and females have always done well at the Nationals and no surprise Ontario and Quebec will be the teams going head to head to determine who reigns supreme nationally. 

Team Ontario, an exciting cast of Senior Provincial Champions looking to make the National Team, is prepared to continue its trend of boxing dominance at the national level.  Team Leader Kathy Ure, a former National Champion and current coach and owner of Sharky’s Boxing Club in Sarnia, is excited at the potential that this year’s team has. “I am so pleased to be team leader for the 2009 Senior National Champions in Quebec City. In my past experience team Ontario has always done extremely well having won many spots on the national team.  It is great to see so many people interested in amateur boxing, and it is only increasing in numbers. I look forward helping the team out in any way.” notes Ure.

The Canadian Senior Boxing Championships commence Wednesday, January 21, in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.  For a listing of Provincial Team members visit our website, or for information on our current National team members visit Results will be posted on the website as they become available.

What:The 2009 National Senior Open Championships

When: January 21-25, 2009

Venue: Batisse industrielle de Trois-Rivières
           1760, Ave Gilles-Villeneuve, Trois-Rivières, QC, G8Z 1V2

Info: Club de boxe Performance (819) 693-0880


Wednesday January 21


# Red Corner Class Blue Corner Results
1 Steven Wilcox – Ont 57kg Kevin Lavalee – Que Red 11-6
2 Alonzo Johnson – NS 64kg Norman Bradford – Alta Red 11-5
3 Brandt Butt – Man. 64kg Kevin Higson – Ont. Red 7-5
4 Shawn Hunt – NF 64kg Jonathan Bochner – Ont Blue 21-4
5 Jamie Taylor – Alta 64kg Jagdeep Seehra – BC Blue 10-2
6 Stuart Boyd – Ont 69kg Kelly Page – Man Red 11-9
7 Custio Clayton – NS 69kg Craig Morgan – Alta Red 24-0
8 Nathan Kulczycki – BC 69kg Mikael Zewski – Que Blue 21-19
9 Josh Cameron – Ont 69kg Jonathan Andre – Alta Red 6-1
10 Adam Trupish – Ont 69kg Mponda Kalunga – Que Red 13-0
11 Andrew Gardiner – Man. 75kg Richard Reittie – Ont. Red 6-2
12 Schiller Hyppolite – Que 75kg Stuart Twardzick – Sask. Red 10-3
13 Ryan Stewart – BC 75kg Steve Rolls – Ont. Blue RSC-2
14 Adam Gougen – NB 75kg Ryan Baulk – Ont Blue 9-7
15 Carol Matte – Que 75kg Mohamed Nassar – Alta Blue 7-3
16 Sebastien Bouchard – Que 75kg Philippe Guay – Que Red 15-13
17 Abokan Bokpe – Que 91kg Taffo Asongwed – Que Blue 15-2
18 Nestor Tirhaydin – Man 91+kg Didier Bence – Que Blue RSC-1
19 Frankie Rill – Ont 91+kg Simon Kean – Que Blue 6-4
20 Erin Krekoski – Alta 60kg F. Kaydian Morgan – Ont. Red 13-3
21 Asmara Polcyn – Man. 60kg F. Jaime Ward – BC Blue 8-4
22 Stephanie Walker – NS 64kg F. Desni Boisvert – Que Blue 14-6
23 Maude Bergeron – Que 75kg F. Susan Haas – Alta. Blue 13-5
24 Amber Konikow – Ont. 75kg F. Lita Mae Button – Ont. Blue 8-7