Update: The Quest for Gold application period has now closed.

The Quest for Gold (QFG) Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP) for 2024-2025 has now launched! The QFG program provides direct financial assistance to Ontario athletes to support them as they compete at the highest national and international levels. This program is funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

The funding aims to:

  • help athletes continue their pursuit of athletic excellence at the highest levels of national and international competition
  • encourages athletes to live and train in Ontario
  • compensates athletes for earnings lost while training
  • helps athletes successfully pursue excellence in sport while fulfilling their educational goals
  • increases athlete access to high-performance coaching
  • enhances training and competitive opportunities available to athletes


In accordance with the OAAP guidelines, Boxing Ontario develops sport-specific selection criteria and forms a Selection Committee that will apply these criteria. The top-ranked athletes, based on the criteria, will be awarded Ontario Card status. Nominated athletes will be required to sign and comply with an Athlete Agreement between the athlete and Boxing Ontario.

The Boxing Ontario Selection Committee will use the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Sport Specific Selection Criteria to determine which athletes will be nominated for Ontario Card status.

An athlete must be:

  • an Ontario resident for one year prior to their nomination for carding status (and continue to be a permanent resident throughout the term of the agreement)
  • Must be living and continuing to train in Ontario, unless a residency exception is requested
  • a 2024 competitive member in good standing with Boxing Ontario and/or Boxing Canada
  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

The one-year Ontario residency requirement is waived for any applicant who is a spouse or dependent of a regular force member of the Canadian Forces or a reservist currently deployed by the Canadian Forces into active service.

The names of all nominated athletes will be published.


*Note, after you submit your application, the confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the page.