Boxing Ontario is now accepting applications for 2016-17 fiscal year.

Friendly reminder that the deadline to apply for Quest for Gold Funding is December 14 2016.
(all athletes must apply in order to be considered)

Bellow you will find the Selection Criteria, an explanation of our scorecard process, and the required input sheet that must be completed.

Boxing Ontario Selection Criteria

Explaining the Scorecard Process 2016-17

Input Sheet


2017 Ages:

Elite: 1998 & older

Youth: 1999 & 2000

Junior C: 2001 & 2002

Minimum requirements:

  • Athlete must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (previously known as a Landed Immigrant).
  • Athlete must be a permanent resident of Ontario for one year prior to his/her nomination for carding status, (and continue to be a permanent resident throughout the term of the agreement).
  • Athletes who have achieved Canada Card status (carded by Sport Canada) are not eligible for Ontario Cards.
  • Athletes must be living in and continuing to train in Ontario.
  • Athletes Must be an Open Boxer (11+ fights)

To Apply:

All required information: (full copy of their bout history, from their current and/or past passbooks together with a completed Input sheet) must be submitted no later than December 14 2016 to:

Erik Espinola
[email protected]
3701 Danforth Ave, Scarborugh, On, M1N 2G2
(P) 416-426-7491 (F) 416-426-7491

Some notes on the input sheet:

Part A: 25%
Part A is looking at the last 3 years of participation, which includes bouts from 2013, 2014, and 2015 in the proper categories.

Competitions Include:

PART A Legend:

Regional Tournaments Includes: 1) Brampton Cup, 2) Ringside 3) Dual Matches

Provincial Tournaments include 1) Bronze/Silver Gloves, 2) Ontario Golden Gloves/Provincials

National Tournaments include 1) National Championship Events, CABA Golden Gloves

International Tournaments Include AIBA sponsored or sanctioned events only


Part B: 70%
Part B is looking at the performance from the last 12 months (2016)

** Please indicate any wins by walkover!

Part C: 5%
Part C is looking at sport community involvement or volunteerism, the 3 sections are:

  • Coaching
  • Officiating
  • Volunteerism

Is answered with a yes or no response under highly active or Moderately Active. Highly active being not less than weekly involvement and moderately being less than weekly but at least monthly.

To explain in detail your sport community involvement please use the comment section at the bottom of the input sheet.


The deadline once again to hand in the required documents below is:

Wednesday December 14 2016

  • Completed input sheet
  • Copy of bout history from current or past passbooks

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!


Erik Espinola
[email protected]
3701 Danforth Ave, Scarborugh, On, M1N 2G2
(P) 416-426-7491 (F) 416-426-7491