Ontario Dominates Once Again

St. Hyacinthe, QC – Ontario came out on top at the 2010 Elite Canadian Championships this past week in St. Hyacinthe, QC. 55 of our top elite athletes competed for 2010 National Champ status. Ontario took home the most medal count and crowned some new champions. Next is the Final Team Selection (FTS) in Halifax, Nova Scotia along with the Junior C & Youth Canadian Amateur Boxing Championships. The FTS will determine the final roster for the Elite Canadian national team. National team members will travel internationally over the course of the year representing Canada in their weight category at different AIBA boxing events. Names  of the National team will be released in March.

2010 Canadian Championship Medallists

  2010 National Champion Silver Bronze Bronze
46kg McKenzie Wright – Bay Area Myriam Fortier – Quebec Nancy Fortin – Quebec Katie Saul – Manitoba
48kg Kim Klavel – Quebec Leah Evans – Atlas Kassandra O’Reilly – Ontario  
51kg Mandy Bujold – Waterloo Jacqueline Park- Bay Area Chantelle Doucette – Nova Scotia Linda Dimitra Jones – Ontario
54kg Erin Woodrow -Alberta Heather Hopkins – Cabbagetown Isabelle Menard – Quebec Nancy Beaudoin – Quebec
57kg Melissa Guillemette – Quebec Nicole Prefontaine – Alberta Vallieres Martine – Quebec Anne-Laure Bouvier – Cabbgetown
60kg Stephanie Walker – Nova Scotia Julie St. Louis – Quebec Marie – Eve Bali – Quebec Kira Lococo – Cabbagetown
64kg Susan Haas-Alberta Jessica McRae – Windsor Sara Kali – Quebec Jen Plyer-Danch – Toronto Newsgirls
69kg Kandi Wyatt – Alberta Renelle Minott – Toronto Newsgirls Miriam Da Silva – Quebec Peggy Brenya – Toronto Newsgirls
75kg Ariane Fortin – Quebec Mary Spencer – Windsor    
81kg Melinda Watpool – Bigtyme Jacqueline Scott – Toronto Newsgirls Maude Bergeron – Quebec Monique Gellizeau – Sully’s
81+kg Aimee Willimot – KAYO Savoy Howe – Toronto Newsgirls    
48kg Benoit Fleury – Quebec Boucher Emilien – Quebec Jonathan Quin – Manitoba Cedric Parina – Fighting Alliance
51kg Ahmed Karatella – Motor City Colin Pham – Alberta Francois Pratte- Quebec Bradley Quin – Manitoba
54kg Joey Laviolette – Nova Scotia Marc-Andre Gauthier – Quebec Kenny Lally – British Columbia Josh O’Reilly – Steeltown
57kg Tyler Asseltine – Final Round Ian Pellerin – Quebec David Gauthier – Quebec Chris Please – Quebec
60kg Cam O’Connell – Alberta Alex Rynn – Alberta Michael Gadbois – Quebec Steve Wilcox- Steeltown
64kg Ron Makovoz – Atlas Ulysses Yves – Quebec Ryan Wagner – Bigtyme Kane Heron – Bigtyme
69kg Clayton Custio – Nova Scotia Hussain Mian – Quebec Josh Cameron – Border City Brandt Butt – Manitoba
75kg Steve Rolls – Bigtyme Aljermaine  Burnett – Bigtyme Hyppolite Schiller – Quebec Cedric Langlois – Quebec
81kg Colin Fish – Motor City Steve Franjic – Bigtyme Mitch Hunt – Newfoundland Jonathan Savard – Quebec
91kg Shavar Henry – Cabbagetown Steven Harvey – Quebec George John Donald – Quebec Clement Rawleigh – Manitoba
91+kg Didier Bence – Quebec Omari Henri – Cabbagetown Dillan Carmen – Bluewater Dukas Davis – Nova Scotia
Ontario Gold                                   10 Ontario Silver                                            11 Ontario Bronze                                  14
Quebec Gold                                     5 Quebec Silver                                              8 Quebec Bronze                                     15
Nova Scotia                                       3 Nova Scotia                                                 0  Nova Scotia                                            2
Alberta                                              4 Alberta                                                        3 Alberta                                                   0
Manitoba                                          0 Manitoba                                                    0 Manitoba                                                5
Newfoundland                                  0 Newfoundland                                            0 Newfoundland                                        1
British Columbia                               0 British Columbia                                         0 British Columbia                                     1

Next Event: Junior C & Youth Canadian National Championships with Final Team Selection
                        Halifax, Nova Scotia
                        February 23-27, 2010

About Boxing Ontario
Boxing Ontario is the governing body for Amateur Boxing in Ontario.  As such, it is affiliated with the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA) and the Association International de Boxe Amateur (AIBA). Boxing Ontario was founded in the fall of 1972 and has seen a steady growth over the last 30 years. Currently, Boxing Ontario encompasses more than 80 clubs in 5 regions, 900 competitors and approximately 12,000 more recreational members.

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