Last nights bout against Sweden’s Yaffer Abdo-Irida has secured Adam a spot on the Canadian Olympic Team heading to China in the summer of 2008. This will be Adams second time to the Olympics and he has alot to prove this time around. In the 2004 Olympics Adam suffered a devastating loss in the first round. This will be Adam’s chance to redeem himself.
Adams journey at the Worlds has been a hard fought one. Adam began his bouts against Columbia(Ronal Montes) which ended in a powerful head shot to his opponent which resulted in an RSCH. Adam then took on Iran(Mohammad Sattarpour) which he took it easy, with his winning decision based on points.
Yesterday, Adam knew that he had to win. His Olympic dream wason the line and was not going to let anyone take that away from him-and he did just that, take what was his.


Tournament Schedule & Results
Complete tournament schedule and results will be posted as they become available.

Thursday November 1, 2007-Quarterfinals

69kg Adam Trupish vs. Non Boonjumnong (Thailand)

Wednesday October 31, 2007 – Preliminaries

69kg Adam Trupish win over Yasser Abdo-Iriba (Sweden) RSC R2

Sunday October 28, 2007- Preliminaries

69kg Adam Trupish win over Mohammad Sattarpour (Iran) 26:23

81kg Glen Hunter loss to Matthew Corbett (Australia) 22:11
(BYE from the first round)

Thursday October 25, 2007- Preliminaries

60kg Ibrahim Kamal loss to Faraj Al Matboli (Jordan) 17:13

69kg Adam Trupish win over Ronal Montes (Colombia) RSCH R2

Tuesday October 23, 2007

54kg Isho Shiba loss to Hileyin Dundar (Turkey) 26:13

Over 650 boxing hopefuls have descended on Chicago for the 2007 Boxing World Championships (October 23-Nov. 3). Doing well is essential for a number of good reasons.

One is that these games are according to AIBA (International Boxing Association) the largest World Championship gathering in its entire history. Second, these games are essential due to the impending 2008 Olympic bids at stake. Only the top 8 in the 48 to 81kg weight classes will secure their ticket to Beijing. The top 4 in the 91kg and 91+kg will get to go. Boxers who don’t qualify for the Olympics at these games will have to try again in two additional qualifiers early next year.

Ontario has sent 4 Olympic hopefuls to Chicago. One athlete, Adam Trupish of Windsor Amateur knows what the pressure and anxiety is like. He made it to the 2004 Athens, Greece Olympics but lost in the first round. It’s safe to say that Adam is hungry for a back to back Olympic showing. Our other Ontario athletes, 54kg Isho Shiba (McGrory’s Boxing Club), 60kg Ibrahim Kamal (Cabbagetown Boxing Club) and Glen Hunter (St. Catharines Boxing Club) are all anticipating the chance to represent on a global scale- and why not? Ontario athletes before them, Lennox Lewis, Egerton Marcus, Chris Johnson, Shawn O’Sullivan and Mark Leduc all own Olympic hardware.

To watch our men in action you will have to tune in on FOX-Sunday November 4, 2007 at 4:30-5:30 EST for the boxing highlights.

What: Men’s World Championships

Where: Chicago, IL

When: Oct.23-Nov.3

Team Ontario: 54kg Isho Shiba, 60kg Ibrahim Kamal, 69kg Adam Trupish, 81kg Glen Hunter

Adam Trupish                                 Glen Hunter   

Isho Shiba                                                  Ibrahim Kamal 

Coaches: Charlie Stewart, Vinnie Ryan