After many months of collaborating with our website design company,, we have successfully launched new online software.  This service is another great tool offered to registered clubs of Boxing Ontario that will help to make our tournaments more organized and efficient.

Coaches can now create a club account, enter and edit athlete profiles, register for tournaments and enter athletes for tournaments all online.  Coaches will be able to view all the other entries for the tournament, make any necessary changes (in weight for example) to their athletes profile and view the programs online.  Once the competition is over results and medalists will be created from the programs.

This new system is another example of keeping our commitment to service while reducing operating costs.  Please note that this service is for tournaments only and not club shows.  Also, please be advised that all entries for tournaments must take place online and will no longer be accepted via fax or mail. 

If you are a boxer planning to compete in an upcoming tournament please mention it to your coach and make sure you have been added online.  All clubs have received a mailout and an emailing regarding this great new program. 

Got any questions?  Give us a call!  Till then, see you at the next tournament!