In advance of the upcoming elections at the 2022 Annual General Meeting, please meet the nominees for Boxing Ontario’s Board of Directors. More info on all candidates below.

Please note that personal contact info for the candidates and endorsers has been redacted due to privacy. We are waiting on receiving additional info from some of the nominees, so please check back for updates.

Paul Brown

Paul Brown has over 30 years of experience in boxing, kickboxing and Kung Fu.

In 1985, Paul was ranked 2nd in the Canadian Light Weight Division as a professional fighter and coached the Twin Dragon Amateur Team in 1999 and 2000. Paul has successfully trained World Welterweight Champion Kickboxer, Paul Biafore, World Middleweight Champion Kickboxer, Rico Tantangelo and North-American Lightweight Champion Kickboxer, Phil Carra.

For the last four years, Paul has helped train first-time boxers for their participation in the charitable fundraising boxing event, “The Fight for Independence”. On top of personal training for beginner to advanced fighters, Paul offers his unique style of cardio boxing classes at his boxing gym located in downtown Toronto, where people can enjoy the lighter side of boxing and still get a vigorous fighter’s workout.

Socrates Celestial

Socrates Celestial works out of Kombat Arts Training Academy Inc. located in Mississauga. One of Canada’s top coaches he has earned an IBA 2-star level of certification. He has been an active volunteer for the last decade serving as Head Provincial Coach for the high-performance team for several consecutive years. His expertise has allowed him to serve on different committees such as the high-performance committee, the tech committee and currently first chair on the coaching committee.

As an active coach for high-performance athletes, he was chosen by Boxing Canada to work at the IBA Men’s and Women’s Youth tournament in Hungary where he cornered an athlete to capture gold and the “fighter of the tournament” award. In this past year he has furthered the relationship with our NSO and helped an Ontario athlete earn a gold medal on their first international tournament. One of his personal athletes is currently on the National Team and remains highly active. From those experiences he was hired on a short-term contract to train the National Team on a daily basis at the INS center located in Montreal and is on a short list of coaches to travel and train the National Team at the Olympic stadium and overseas.

His passion and belief in the Boxing system that Ontario relies on has now turned his focus to volunteering as a board member. The motivation behind his desire to be on the board is to find a fair and equitable standard that brings more power and responsibility to the members. The vision is to add transparency and accountability to all levels of critical operations and thus will enhance the overall performance and function of Boxing Ontario and its members.

Noel Clubb

Yasser Ghazi

I have been in the finance industry for the past 10 years working specifically in the area of commercial banking. Currently, I am the Director of Commercial Services for a financial institution. I currently sit as a director on the board of directors for the Ottawa Board of Trade and I am the chair for the Young Professional Advisory Board for cornerstone housing for women. Boxing is a sport that I got involved in after immigrating to Canada in 1998 as a child. It allowed me to build confidence, learn to adapt to new situations which helped me adapt to moving to a new country, and stay fit. I am looking at supporting this beautiful sport, helping Ontario and Canada make a name for itself in this sport, and personally I am looking to get back into the ring!

Douglas D. Greaves

Doug is the recently retired Vice-President, Pension Fund and Chief Investment Officer with Canada Post Corporation. He has extensive experience managing bonds, equities, real estate, infrastructure and private equity investments in Canada, the U.S and abroad. Doug joined Canada Post at the inception of the organization’s pension plan in 2000 and was responsible for developing and implementing the plan’s investment strategy, hiring employees, establishing plan administration procedures and investing plan assets using both internal and external fund managers. Doug was responsible for managing all investments of the $27 billion pension plan. He led an internal management team of about 32 investment professionals and support staff. Under his leadership, investment returns consistently exceeded plan benchmarks and universe medians.

Prior to joining Canada Post Doug held senior investment positions with the Workers Compensation Board, the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement Board and North American Life Assurance Company. Doug is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors and has extensive experience as a Director of the United Church of Canada Pension Fund and as a member of the Investment Committee of the University of Western Ontario Endowment Fund. In addition, he has experience as Advisor to the pension funds of Canada Post subsidiary companies and as a member of the Investment Committee of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Doug holds an Honours degree in Business Administration (HBA) from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario and is a CFA charterholder. He obtained his secondary education at Priory School in Kingston, Jamaica and Harrison College in Bridgetown, Barbados. Doug and his wife Sandra reside in Toronto. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Rosedale United Church.

In terms of my interest in becoming a director of Boxing Ontario, you will note that I have considerable experience acting in a governance role with many organizations, including in a volunteer capacity. I can say that I have done so with distinction.

My specific interest in Boxing Ontario stems from my long-standing love of the sport extending over many decades. My first experience with boxing was as a student at Priory School, Kingston Jamaica where I was awarded a medal as best boxer.

My second, more recent experience was at the Cabbage Town Boxing Club in Toronto where I was further tutored by Mr. Peter Wylie and former Canadian lightweight champions Johnny Kahlbehn and Nedrae Symonds. I also assisted for many years in providing tutoring for adults and youth who would attend the classes offered to the general community, both male and female, as part of the regular boxing program. I can say that I fully understand the great benefits that can be provided to participants in the sport, both physical and mental, when accompanied with proper supervision, training and equipment.

My view is that boxing should be actively promoted across the province as it can offer huge benefits to a very wide cross section of the general population. I believe strongly that good governance of the sport should be stressed and I am confident that I can assist your organization in providing such governance.

Sharmila Gupta

Sharmila Gupta is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and Registered Massage Therapist specializing in concussion management. Shar has been working with athletes either through her practice of manual therapy or with her Neuro Performance Training program at her home club of Kombat Arts. She has been an active member of Boxing Ontario as a High-Performance Committee member this past year, where she has gained knowledge of the sport and how the organization works. She has advocated for safe concussion management protocols for the past several years and has been instrumental in educating athletes and coaches on the subject. Before making a career switch, Shar worked at York University, resulting in the gain of her now extensive fundraising and project management knowledge. Shar feels that she could add a fair and equitable view as a director at Boxing Ontario to help with its continued success and the betterment of the athletes.

Tom Hennessey

Vince Mac Donald

Hi, my name is Vince.  I am a Father, Brother, Coach and Official – also a Senior IT Professional to help pay the bills needed to be all the important things. 

What I may be best known for? I’m an Official in the Central and Niagara Regions and at most Tournaments for a dozen years – I’m the one with the gray hair who people say looks like a former Football Player. I’m assured this is this is meant as a compliment. I suspect it’s nice way to say big guy who is a little out of shape ….

Some Highlights:

  • National Level Official with Boxing Ontario for over 12 years. Typically run the Tournament Draws and help with the Organizing.
  • Served as the Provincial (Chief) Official in 2017 and as the Chair of the Governance Committee in 2022. 
  • Exciting as a Governance Committee sounds – it is rewarding work with a group of professionals volunteering their time to move us forward.
  • Committee work is largely behind the scenes. This year with return to Boxing our efforts have covered many things. Everything from Complaints to Policy Review in the effort to enhance and protect Member rights.
  • Related Experience: Coach and Board Member in Football Ontario (PSO for Football) for over 20 years.  Served on that Board 4 years working with the Ministry and NSO to develop Strategic Plans and Funding strategies.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some great Teachers over the years that have taught me many things about how to treat all people with respect. That we are all people first and deserve to be heard and collaborated with integrity.  Common sense, facts and good information have been my best path to help guide decisions for me.  I would be proud to represent Boxing Ontario as part of the Board of Directors.

James Sterling McBean

Born and raised in Toronto, I have spent the majority of my life living in Ontario.  I graduated from a prestigious high school (Toronto French School) and I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce from Dalhousie University.  From an early age, I have demonstrated an interest in entrepreneurship and leadership.  A transformative point in my life was the summer of 2016 when I was granted an opportunity to train at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand.  I was sent there for two months and immersed myself in the martial arts culture, falling in love with combat sports.

After that, I trained consistently from that year on, becoming not only a fan but an avid practitioner of various combat arts.  My interest in Boxing Ontario was sparked after joining Atlas Boxing Club.  Watching many competitors prepare for the Olympics (Mandy Bujold and Artur Biyarzlanov) to other members becoming National Amateur Champions (Aaron Huggins, Jaquan Carty), I have developed an appreciation for the effort and sacrifices made to reach the highest levels of the sport.  

For this reason, I have become interested in becoming involved with the sport at a grass roots level.  I view the board of directors positions as an opportunity to get involved and make a positive difference in the lives of young athletes.  Whether it’s through raising awareness, fundraising or building stronger times with different levels of government, I know I have the experience and the contacts to add value to your organization.

Jill Perry

Occupation: In her professional career, Jill worked in high tech doing everything from software to semiconductors to marketing and communications. Now retired, she concentrates on coaching, her “dream job”, and leading the Beaver Boxing Club in Ottawa,

Athletic History: Jill joined the Beaver Boxing Club in Ottawa in 1998 as an adult in order to get fit and was quickly hooked on the sport. She boxed competitively for the club for the next eight years and is a two-time 57kg Canadian champion. She holds the record for becoming the oldest Canadian champion at the age of 39.

Why A Coaching Career? Jill coaches because it is a career that aligns with her personal values. She loves helping people and coaching gives her that opportunity on an almost daily basis. Growing up she never thought she would be a coach, and certainly not a boxing coach, “but here I am. I fell into the sport by accident and in many ways, coaching found me and then I just let it happen.”

Coaching History: Jill has been coaching for over 20 years and was mentored by legendary boxing coach, the late Joey Sandulo. She is currently the president and head coach of the Beaver Boxing Club, which is one of Canada’s oldest and largest clubs. A Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC), she was recently the chair of Boxing Ontario’s High Performance Committee and is currently part of Boxing Canada’s coaching pool. Jill is a 1-Star Coach with the International Boxing Association. She was an intern coach with the inaugural WCIP developed by the Commonwealth Games Federation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. Jill serves on Boxing Canada’s Coaching Development Advisory Group. As one of the few women coaches in boxing, Jill continues to travel and support Canadian boxers at events.

Jill has a master’s degree in High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership, a program of the University of British Columbia. She earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Marketing from Carleton University of Ottawa.

Why serve on the Board of Boxing Ontario? Jill is an actively engaged volunteer who wishes to see her sport continue to develop and thrive. She has a business background and runs a large and successful club, she is a skilled grant writer having secured several large grants for her club, and she has the sport experience that will allow her to contribute to Boxing Ontario’s success in a meaningful way. She is athlete centred and believes that the boxers have to be at the heart of everything we do.

Floyd W. Porter

I am currently the President of the Kent Athletic Youth Organization, KAYO Boxing Club. I simply want to ensure that the athletes come first in all decision making within the Board of Directors and Boxing Ontario. Not Management, Administration, or Officials but the Athletes always first. 

Rule #1 The Athlete comes First 

Rule #2 Learn Rule Number 1

If I feel that the athlete is not being put first, I will be very vocal about it! 

I understand that there are a lot of concerns with Boxing Canada and the other Governing Bodies within boxing. Yes, we have to be mindful of their decisions but let concentrate and clean up our own backyard first meaning look after Boxing Ontario and Boxing Ontario members and policies, procedures, and rules that addresses our own concerns and issues. Training Camps, Official and other Membership Drives, Government Grants etc.

I’m currently retired and have lots of time to address members’ issues so feel free to contact me on any issue. You may not always get the answer you want but you will get an answer from me and an explanation best explained good or bad.

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is an accomplished educator, arts and academic leader, public speaker, research scholar, musician, and former manager in the post-secondary educational sector.

As a current Academic, and former senior level arts and administrative Officer, Andrew:

  • has leadership and management experience within a collective bargaining employment environment (e.g. two unions, 200+ direct reports representing support staff, FT/PT faculty and administration);
  • is a recognized and awarded champion of equity, diversity, and inclusion;
  • has a demonstrable track-record of liaising successfully in matters involving government and ministerial relations (e.g. multiple successful consent/program renewals interfacing with the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities);
  • has experience in board participation and leadership (e.g. College Council, Heads of Media and Design, Editorial Board of Humber Press, and overseeing the School of Creative and Performing Arts, and Humber Music’s Program Advisory Committees);
  • has distinguished himself as a tireless promoter of musicians’ and artists’ rights;
  • has administered/advised/taught thousands of students during his teaching and administrative career.

Separate and apart from the above, Dr. Scott has been a lifelong athlete and boxing enthusiast. His interest in boxing began when Shawn O’Sullivan was his assistant coach for a house league hockey team at Leaside Memorial Gardens in the mid-1970s. As a child, Andrew followed Mr. Sullivan’s Olympic boxing career with interest and began training at Cabbagetown Boxing Club in high school. 

He continues to train to this day at the Atlas Boxing Club and has earned his Level One Officiating certificate from Boxing Ontario.

Andrew thanks the membership in advance for considering his candidacy for the Board of Directors of Boxing Ontario. He is confident that he can contribute his good governance and administrative knowledge to the board, give back to the sport he loves, and help support the efforts of Boxing Ontario’s talented athletic membership in a meaningful and positive manner. 

Robert Serpe

Executive Director, Peel Police Services Board

From Cabinet Ministers to CEOs, Rob has distinguished himself as a trusted advisor to some of Canada’s most senior leaders on issues of public policy and communications. Having worked in both the public and private sectors, Rob is an astute strategist who possesses a talent for building consensus among stakeholder groups on often contentious issues.

Some of Rob’s career achievements include: serving as policy advisor to a Federal Finance Minister, where he tackled issues such as the federal equalization formula, the creation of Canada’s P3 office, and increased funding for amateur sport in Canada; being named one of the 12 most powerful lobbyists in Ottawa by Maclean’s Magazine in 2014; and leading the external partnerships portfolio for Toronto’s successful Pan & Parapan Am Games in 2015.

Most recently, Rob has returned to the Brampton community in which he was raised to act as Executive Director of the Peel Police Services Board. As the Board looks to modernize policing in Peel, Rob is responsible for leading an agenda that includes a first-of-its-kind agreement with the Ontario Human Rights Commission on addressing policing and human rights, and the development of new policy frameworks that recognize the unique needs of Peel’s diverse population.

A lifelong sports fan, Rob lives in Oakville with his wife and 2 children. 

Margaret Sidoroff-Canty

“Mean” Margaret Sidoroff turned pro after earning a 13-0 record as an amateur boxer in Canada (also winning the Victoria State Championship while living in Australia).

I was born on May 17, 1973, in London, Ontario. I was the 1997 Novice Ontario champion. After winning this title I defeated the Ontario Open Class champion by an 11-0 score; however, I was unable to compete in the Canadian National championships that year since I didn’t have enough bouts to enter the Open Class Division.

I won the 1998 Ontario Open Class Provincial Championships and went on take the 1998 Canadian National 51-kg Championship by defeating Nova Scotia champion Katherine Lewis by a 14-2 score. The day before I had earned my place in the final by defeating Quebec champion Janique Veronneau 12-3. I won Best Female Prospect Award at the Nationals.

This win earned me the right to represent Canada at the Acropolis Cup Women’s World Championships in Greece (the first ever Canadian Female National Team international trip), but the tournament was canceled for us when two few boxers registered for the male division.

Margaret then settled for her amateur “Dream Match” against the 1998 54-kg Canadian Champion, Quebec boxer, Patricia Picotin, in front of 12,000 fans at Montreal’s Molson Centre. In her hometown, I was victorious, and this was my final amateur bout.

I fought in 5 World Title fights in my 9 professional bouts; again going undefeated, winning titles in 3 different weight classes. I was named pound-for-pound best female boxer in the world two consecutive years.

I accomplished a lot in my short five-year boxing career; but I refused to stop there. I went on the become the first level 5 female boxing coach in Canada, coached at the Provincial and National levels (including the inaugural Women’s World Championships), was named Windsor Women of the Year, Phenomenal Woman of Canada, Petro Canada Coach of the Year, inducted into Windsor Essex County Sports Hall of Fame, Boxing Ontario Hall of Fame, and now the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame.

I took time off to raise my three daughters and am now ready to once again give back to the sport I love and the sport that gave me confidence and passion for life.

As a Board of Director, I feel I will have a strong and knowledgeable voice, acting for the betterment of the sport and the development of all athletes.

Leonie (Lee) Smith

My name is Leonie (Lee) Smith. For many years, I’ve always been fascinated by boxing since I watched Archie Moore, Sonny Liston and Ali fight. Then, I saw the Wild World of Sports, with Howard Cosell and I became a fan. After watching Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Arturo Gotti and Ann Wolfe, I was hooked forever.

After my years in Tae Kwon Do was over, I decided I wanted to try my hand in boxing. I joined Liverpool Boxing club and wanted to compete, but Coach Preston Roberts, had other plans for me. Each day, he taught me the art of boxing, the rules and how to run a gym. He took the time to nurture me in the hopes of one day, being more than a competitor. He wanted me to love the sport as much as he did and give back to it, in any way I could.

Well, my love for the sport of boxing, has blossomed over the past 16 years and continues to grow.

I am a passionate, driven, and enthusiastic individual, that has committed countless hours to the advancement of boxing through my knowledge of the rules and guidance to many affiliate gyms, owners, coaches, and athletes whenever possible.

A placement on the Board of Directors will expand my reach to help others within the boxing community and further establish Boxing Ontario as a leader within boxing throughout Canada.

I am committed to help the sport continue to be elevated to a higher level, both locally and globally. Ontario has a wide array of talented young athletes, that can reach the podium across the globe with the right guidance. I hope to be part of a team that will propel our athletes to the next level and make sure they are able to take advantage of any opportunities that come their way.

I want to ensure that our athletes are being given the guidance needed, and that our programs in Ontario, are of the highest calibre.

The Board of Directors will benefit from having my knowledge in the sport as an official, coach, and former director of Boxing Ontario. Plus, I bring knowledge in the legal field, as well as financial knowledge. I understand governance, along with experience in policy development.

I ask all club owners, members and Delegates for their vote and consideration to serve on the Board of Directors of Boxing Ontario.

Fred Ten Eyck

Hello members of Boxing Ontario,

My name is Fred Ten Eyck and I am seeking election to the Board of Directors.

I was previously elected as a Board member and the Board elected me to the position of Secretary. I feel that this shows one key attribute which I bring forward; organization. Throughout the COVID-19 process I spent a great deal of time reviewing orders and legislation which allowed me to work towards a plan of opening our member clubs. This shows two other attributes; dedication and Governance.

I have a passion for the sport of boxing, more so for the success of Boxing Ontario and more importantly YOU the members. My thoughts for this organization post COVID-19 are to provide resources to clubs, coaches, officials and most importantly athletes to allow them to grow and flourish in the sport.

I believe there have been choices made in the past which serve a minority well, however do not provide benefit to the membership as a whole, this has to change. I believe you as the members are not provided key information to make choices and this has to change. I believe we as a large stakeholder in Boxing Canada have been ignored and held down and THIS HAS TO CHANGE!

I ask for you to allow me to work for you again and continue with the original plans I had brought forward for this organization. A quote from my endorser’s letter speaks to my values; “I believe that Fred will always put the association first, will be transparent and act with integrity. It is my pleasure to nominate and endorse Fred Ten Eyck once again.”

A vote for me will continue the current good work the association is doing and also do more!

Shane Weaver

I started Boxing at the age of 11. I have a degree in Psychology from Brock University and a diploma in Police Foundations from Niagara College. I have owned and operated my studio in Grimsby, Ontario since 1997. I teach Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts. I have competed on the Regional, Provincial, National, and International levels as well as coached athletes on all of these stages.

I have volunteered my time to serve on two Provincial Boards including the Ontario Grappling Association, Amateur Mixed Martial Arts of Ontario, and the Canadian Combat Alliance. Additionally, I have volunteered with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation. This experience will help serve the members of Boxing Ontario.

In my spare time, I have been a member of the Canadian Sport Parachute Association for the past 11 years, where I have obtained ratings for Coaching, Skydiving School Instructor, Ground Control Operator, and a “C” license.

I would love the opportunity to apply these skills as a board member of Boxing Ontario in an effort to support our wonderful sport.