Submitted by Shawn McWilliams

I had the chance to sit down with “The Citrus City Twins,” BigTyme Boxing’s own Jake Daoust and Nate Carzeri about the sport of boxing; where they are and where they are headed. These are two very dedicated young boxers on the road to January’s Youth Nationals in Quebec and have only one thing in mind…….Gold.


  1. What made you first decide to become a boxer?

J.D –

I started boxing under the influence of my older brother Alex. He was a dedicated guy at the time and watching him at 6 years old, all I wanted to do was box. That and also my father, my grandfather and his father before him were all boxers…it’s in my blood to fight (smiles).

N.C –

What made me first decide to become a boxer was my brother and my dad. Both were boxers before I was, and with that influence I joined BigTyme. From day 1 it has become my passion. I was always in love with every aspect of the science. Watching it and even more so now it’s studying it. There’s nothing I’ve experienced like the competition. I love it.


  1. You come from a successful boxing club with a rich history, what are the benefits of being a BigTyme boxer?

JD –

A lot of benefits come from boxing at Bigtyme.  First off it’s located in my beautiful hometown of Orangeville, Ontario. Secondly my coach Bryon Mackie has been around the game I love for quite some time and has recognizable accomplishments in the sport. Not to mention a vast knowledge that he is now passing on to me, and for that I’m grateful.

Lastly my main or most consistent sparring. I have guys like Nathaniel Carzeri who I work with side by side as well as professional light Heavy Canadian Champion Steve Franjic. He works so well with me and I have learned so much from him, not only is he an amazing athlete but he is as great  a role model as any to follow.

N.C –

The benefits of being a Bigtyme boxer are many . For instance the atmosphere for one; we’re always surrounded by great people who are always looking to help us out. My coach Bryon Mackie leads that pack. There’s just a lot of experienced people who know the game and what it takes to progress.

One of the biggest benefits for me I must say is the sparring, I myself and others are very lucky to train with Canada’s best amateurs like Jake Daoust and even professionals like Steve Franjic who teaches by example. I learn something new everyday from these great individuals and I love it there’s no better a place to be.


  1. Describe your training regime, diet and any daily rituals please.

J.D. –

I train hard, real hard!

I run 7 km about 4-5 times a week, I’m in the gym at least 5 times a week and push myself to the limit everytyme. Sparring, pads, and all the bag work – speed,double end and heavy.  I mix up my cardio and core exercises. Also as I mentioned I run, I swim & I do yoga for my flexibility. My diet is solid and I pay it close attention. I take protein, my veggie-greens and my phytoberries everyday and I stick to mainly fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken,

That said, I do have the odd cheat day where I get some sweets (laughs)

N.C –

When training for a fight I m running 3 to 4 times a week, on top of swimming, sprinting exercises, and also weight training conditioning exercises. I also just added a new component and that’s yoga, which is amazing for the body and mind. I eat any vegetable blended or raw, fruit a few times a week and chicken and fish mainly. When I crave I eat boiled eggs, nuts etc. it’s not often but rarely I do cheat on my diet (laughs)


  1. What’s the hardest element involved to stay a focused boxer? And conversely the opposite? 

J.D. –

The hardest element to stay a focused boxer is simply balancing  life. Working, school, the girls; all has it’s place ,and finding a good way to keep everything on top tales a lot of effort.

It would be alot easier just to be the average joe kid but that is just not what I want.  I’m not going to be average. I will reach my goal of being an Olympic Champion and that is most important to me. That’s what keeps me going; the love of boxing….knowing where I’m headed and everything along the way.


The hardest thing for me to stay focused on is definitely the social aspects you always miss out on. It’s not easy when friends and family are off doing things they love to relax and unwind. But my thought process is like this: to be the best you must outwork and out train the best. I take that seriously and I sacrifice accordingly.


  1. Your thoughts on Canadian boxing?

J.D. –

Canadian boxing is very good. We have a lot of world-class guys that come from Canada and i am very proud of that. Guys like Logan Cotton, Troy Ross, Adonis Stevenson, & Steve Franjic. These guys all got their starts within the Boxing Ontario/Boxing Canada programs, and for that all of us should be thankful. I believe that this country has some of the smartest coaches and some of the most talented boxers in the world today.

N.C –

We have plenty of champions that come out of Canada and even some world Champions, which I think is amazing. These boxers become icons in the world and represent our country very positively. Canadian boxing is looking very good and only getting better.


  1. What/Who is your biggest inspiration?

J.D. –

My coach Bryon Mackie without question, and a list of boxers too long to mention.(laughs)

N.C. –

My inspiration comes from seeing world champions fight on television, especially Floyd Mayweather; a lot of people see him as a guy who just flaunts everything but I see him as a self made millionaire who worked tremendously hard to get where he’s at. Seeing that motivates me to be the best I can be. Also my family always inspire me to be great, without them being a Canadian Champion wouldn’t of been possible.


  1. Nationals are in January, how’s preparation?

J.D. –

I am pumped for nationals. This year is mine once again and my preparation is on pace. Though officially camp started Monday I’ve stayed in great shape all year.  I’m more focused and ready than ever before and I can’t wait to get in the ring and do my thing. I have a great gym and great sparring lined up for this camp and I’m very excited. Diet, training and mindset all focused on one thing and that’s good baby.

N.C –

My prep for nationals is driven. I start my eight week training camp on Monday; I will be in the best shape ever and I will come out victorious, all the 81kg youths better watch out because I don’t mess around; this is what I live for (smiles)


  1. Last words? 

J.D –

I want to thank Boxing Ontario and Shawn McWilliams for this opportunity; I appreciate it. I also must thank my parents and friends for all their support. They really make things possible for me to be the fighter I am and at Nationals I will be fighting not just for myself but all of them too. BigTyme!

N.C –

Love and respect to all those behind in front and beside me; without their support life would be tough. I want to say thanks to Boxing Ontario and Shawn McWilliams for giving me this interview. Come late January I will be 2x Canadian Champion in 2 weight classes!