March 27, 2023

To the Boxing Ontario Community,

Details of an ongoing matter have recently been shared with the membership that were private and confidential. The details regarding the complaints were not presented with appropriate requirements for factual and proven truth that are legal standards. We are required to act honestly and in good faith as part of our fiduciary duties. This information did not have those standards applied. 

We would like to remind our community that we are unable to comment on any complaint and discipline matters, including investigations, until they have been resolved. Sadly, the releasing of private and confidential information may jeopardize the completion of the complaints process, which is outlined in our policies and procedures. We must remain professional and neutral to protect the integrity of the process, and to allow for a fair, unbiased, and just resolution for all involved parties.

Boxing Ontario is proud of their leadership to engage Independent Third-Party practices and services to handle complaints and discipline procedures. These are the best practices and services recommended in consultation with experts from Provincial and National sports bodies. We have invested significant time and resources to ensure that the highest professional standards are met to protect our community. We will continue to act to the best of our abilities, and with the persistence and duty of care that our members and registrants deserve.

We remain open to receiving comments from our membership on ways we can better improve our processes and approaches to achieve this commitment. For additional information, please contact [email protected] to direct any inquiries.


Boxing Ontario Board of Directors