It’s time for Feature Friday, where we share the stories about the incredible people in the Boxing Ontario community. This week’s feature is Gabby Botelho, a boxer from Kingsway Boxing Club (Toronto) and Beaver Boxing (Ottawa).

What or who first inspired Gabby to become a boxer?

Her mother wanted her to have an after-school activity, so she joined boxing. Gabby was introduced to Coach Jennifer Huggins, from whom she has learned a lot over the years now. She is constantly inspired by her coaches.

Tell us about the Gabby’s progression in the sport.

Gabby started boxing at the age of 7 and enjoyed it so much that she never looked back! Today, after 4 years, she continues to box and stay in shape. Even during the lockdown, she has continued to box through virtual classes (offered through Kingsway Boxing Club and Beaver Boxing).

What/who motivates Gabby as an athlete?

She aspires to grow both inside and outside of the ring, which is very evident through her dedication and commitment to the sport. We are sure she will shape up to be an outstanding athlete.

What has been Gabby’s biggest challenge as a boxer?

Keeping up during the pandemic has been somewhat of a challenge for every athlete, nonetheless, Gabby has continued to stay active and participate in virtual classes.

What is Gabby’s biggest achievement in the sport?

Starting such a mentally and physically challenging sport from age 7 and continuing to go through with it for years is remarkable. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t even stop her!

What are Gabby’s goals in the sport?

She wishes to continue the sport and refine her techniques and skills as much as possible. Her dedication and determination are definitely boosting her sportsmanship.

What else would you like to tell us about Gabby?

She was nominated for her incredible commitment to the sport. It has been very inspiring to watch her grow in and outside of the ring. She is, truly, a dedicated boxer and is on the right path!

Photo courtesy of Kingsway Boxing Club