Kangaroo’s, Koala Bears and Canucks!

“The Melbourne commonwealth games has been awesome…I fight today against New Zealand, should be a tough fight. Say hi to everybody and I’ll be trying my hardest.”

Glenn “The Butcher” Hunter – preparing for competition Saturday.

Glenn took his first win that night against Soulan Pownceby of New Zealand in the 81kg Light Heavy Weights category, ending with a score of 33 -19.

Glenn’s second competition resulted in a loss, with a 15 – 33 decision Tues, against the Aussie’s, Benjamin Mceachran.

Other results:

Welterweights, in the 69kg, Adam Trupish lost in the second round of competition with a score ending 13:23 on Sunday to England’s Neil Perkins.

In the Bantam Weight, Isho Shiba at 54kg came in strong Saturday with a win by RSC in round 2 with a final score of 1-28 win against Emillian Polino of Tanzania but encountered an unfortunate loss to Wales, Edmonds Matthew on Sunday with a close finish of 21-26.

In the 60kg division, Ibrahim Kamal brought it home in the 3rd round against Rickson Yamo of Papua New GuineaSaturday by a RSCOS in round 3 resulting in a 1-1 decision.  Monday’s second round ended in a loss of 15-14 against Nigeria’s Rasheed Lawal

To all of the Ontario boxers who gave it their best, we are all proud of you and you all did an amazing job.  Thank-you! 

For Canadian Boxing results, see below:

2006 Commonwealth Games

Boxing Results: March 21, 2006

March 17, 2006 ( 2 wins & 1 loss )

64kg Kevin Bizier won over Edward Akora (Uganda) = 26 – 10

69kg Adam Trupish won over S.I. Kumara (SRI) = RSCOS – R3

91kg Gino Nardari lost to S. Simmons (Scotland) = 10 – 15

March 18, 2006 ( 3 wins & 0 loss )

54kg Isho Shiba won over Patrick Polino (Tanzania) = RSC – R2

57kg Arash Usmanee won over Charles Mtagwa (Tanzania) = 25 – 9

60kg Ibrahim Kamal won over Rickson Yamo (Papua New Guinea) = RSCOS – R3

March 19, 2006 ( 1 win & 3 loss )

64kg Kevin Bizier lost to Alan Kid Todd (Australia) = 13 – 30

69kg Adam Trupish lost to Neil Perkins (England) = 17 – 23

81kg Glenn Hunter won over SJS Pownceby (New Zealand) = 33 – 19 

91+kg Robert Montgomery lost to Kevin Evans (Wales) = 19 – 31

March 20, 2006 ( 1 wins & 4 loss )

51kg Dominic Longpré loss to Terrance Marques (Guyana) = 18 – 32

54kg Isho Shiba loss to Edmond Mathews (Wales) = 21 – 26

57kg Arash Usmanee loss to P. Melhrullan (Pakistan) = 20 – 38

60kg Ibrahim Kamal loss to R. Lawal (Nigeria) = 14 – 15

75kg Adonis Stevenson won over Gordon Ross (Guyana) = 33 – 11

March 21, 2006 (Quarterfinal) ( 0 win & 1 loss )

81kg Glenn Hunter loss to B.D. Mceachran (Australia) = 15 – 33

March 22, 2006 (Quarterfinal)

75 kg Adonis Stevenson vs C.M. Chiotcha (MAW)

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