Attention all Head Coaches,

The Coaching Committee has been working diligently through the COVID shutdown to prepare for our return to the ring. Over the last number of months, we have been coming together to prepare seminars, courses, and programs for the further development of our coaches.

As part of this development, we are inviting the Head Coaches from each club to nominate a coach for our Coaches to Watch program. This program identifies coaches who are working on their own personal development with a desire to further themselves in the sport of boxing.

Using the following link, Coaches Watch List Entry, you will find a form that is submitted to the Coaching Committee to register your nominated coach/trainer on the Watch List. If you are the only coach for your registered boxing club, please fill out your own information if you wish to be part of this incentive.

Nominate a Coach Here!

Thank you for being a part of the overall growth and development of our Boxing Ontario Coaches.

Yours in Boxing,

Syd Vanderpool

Vice President Technical