Call for bids

2006/2007 Championships & Tournaments


With the last tournament of this season scheduled, Boxing Ontario is asking for bids for next year’s season, specifically:


I. Provincial Championships (advancing/ qualifying tournaments):


  1. Junior and Senior Novice Championship  (October)
  2. Junior and Senior Open Championship (November)
  3. Cadet Novice & Open Championship  (March)

II. Developmental Tournaments (non-qualifying/Talent ID)

Boxing Ontario will be funding 3 developmental tournaments in addition to the provincial championships.


In your bid please include:


  1. The tournament sanction form – this will include the name of the tournament, date and location of event (include dimensions of the facility), and admission fees.  The sanction form also outlines the host’s responsibilities.
  2. A cheque for the sanction fee – $275  this is refunded if you are not the successful bidder.
  3. Name, location and room rate for host hotel.
  4. Any other information you feel will assist your bid (draft budget, organizing committee, # of volunteers, experience conducting past successful events).

 Please submit your bid to the Boxing Ontario office by Friday May 19, 2006.


The bids will be reviewed by the Executive committee and announced at the AGM.  In return for hosting tournaments/championships, Boxing Ontario:

  • Pays a $1,000 hosting grant
  • Collects and forwards all the entry fees to the host ($10/boxer)
  • Provides $500 of equipment from Top Ten
  • Advertises tournament and provides on line registration services
  • Covers travel and meal expenses for the officials.
  • Boxing Ontario and Top Ten must be provided appropriate space for displays