Member Questionnaire

Boxing Ontario is updating its strategic plan to help guide its activities in the coming years. Members’ views are critical to the development of this plan. Please take a few moments to respond to the following questions. Please send your results to Boxing Ontario via fax (416) 426.7367 or email [email protected]   All submissions must be legible and complete.  Thank you!


1. First, we would like to know a little about you. How long have you been involved with Boxing Ontario?                   ___ less than 2 years     ___ 2-4years       ___ 5-7 years     ___ 8 years or more

2. Describe your present involvement with Boxing Ontario (check as many as apply):

___ Boxer        ___ Parent

___ Coach        ___ Executive

___ Official       ___ Regional Executive

___ Volunteer   ___ Club Executive

___ Staff           ___ Other (please state: ____________________________)

3. Your name (optional): ____________________________________________


We would like to know what members think about Boxing Ontario.Please review the following statements and put a checkmark in the space to indicate the extent of your agreement or disagreement with the statement:

                                            Strongly Disagree   Disagree    Agree   Strongly Agree  Unable to Answer

1. Boxing Ontario is in sound

financial condition                           ___                   ___         ___             ___                 ___

2. The current Executive/Board

provides strong leadership              ___                   ___         ___             ___                 ___

3. Member clubs receive good

support from Boxing Ontario          ___                   ___         ___             ___                 ___

4. Volunteers are valued                  ___                   ___         ___             ___                 ___

5. Growth of membership is critical

for future success                            ___                   ___         ___             ___                 ___

6. Boxing Ontario’s organizational

management has improved              ___                   ___         ___             ___                 ___

7. Boxing Ontario’s marketing

programs are successful                  ___                   ___         ___             ___                 ___

8. Boxing Ontario communicates

well with its members                      ___                   ___         ___             ___                 ___


Values are the core beliefs that guide our actions, policies and decision-making. Please review the following values and put a letter in the space to indicate whether you feel they are (N) not important, (I) important or (V) very important to the management and operations of the Club. NOTE: you may identify no more than five as being very important:

Not Important – N
Important – I
Very Important – V








Competitive excellence_________



Customer service_________



Other ___________________________


Please review the following items and indicate the extent to which you think they are not important, important, or very important to the long-term success of Boxing Ontario. NOTE: You may identify no more than seven as being very important.

Not Important – N
Important – I
Very Important – V

Coaches’ education and development_________

Marketing and sponsorship_________

Professional staffing/management_________

Athletes’ development_________

Safety and security of members_________

Expanded programs for women_________

Organizational effectiveness_________

Growth of individual members_________

Communication with members_________

Volunteer recruitment_________

Good relationships with funding agencies_________

Web site innovation_________

Expanded programs for fitness _________

Maintain a positive image in community_________

Officials’ education and development_________

High standards of service _________

National/international competitive success_________

Executive leadership_________

Growth in number of member clubs _________

Other _______________________________