With one Federal election out of the way we now have another before us. The Boxing Ontario board of directors has three positions opening this year: President, VP Admin and  VP Protocol. Please continue reading to get a better understanding of how the voting system and structure works. If you are interested in nominating someone, please do return the nomination form by Wednesday May 18, 2011!


Boxing Ontario’s Election Voting Structure:


Proposed Changes To Constitution & By-Laws



Re-organize Boxing Ontario’s Voting Structure & Board of Directors/Executive for 3 reasons:

  1. Long-standing requests from the membership.
  2. More democratic voting strategy.
  3. Meet Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion (“MHP”) standards.


New Voting Structure

Active Member –            

An individual who is actively engaged in                                                         

1)      amateur boxing as a competitor,

2)      coach,

3)      or official, and who has paid membership dues.


New Voting Structure

Clubs with:

•          1 to 5 active members = 1 voting delegate

•          6 to 15 active members = 2 voting delegates

•          16 to 25 active members = 3 voting delegates

•          26+ active members = 4 voting delegates


New Voting Structure

•          Officials commission gets 5 voting delegates (intent being that each regional official will act as a delegate for the officials commission).

•          Electronic voting to be permitted for delegates to submit their votes. 


The new structure will:

•          Place voting power in the hands of the membership.

•          Give clubs an added reason to register more competitors.

•          Give clubs and membership a more democratic voice.


Changes to Board/Executive

Desire for Board to be smaller and more efficient

•          Current structure:

o   President, Past President, Vice President, Athletes Rep, Corporate Secretary, Directors of: Medical, Officials, Coaching, Finance, Marketing, & Discipline.

o   5 Regional Directors, 5 Regional Coaches, 5 Regional Officials.


Proposed Structure

•          President

•          Past president

•          Vice-president – Technical

•          Vice-president – Administration

•          Vice-president – Competitions

•          Vice-president – Protocol

•          5 or 6 Board Members In Total (depending upon whether there is a past-president).




New Structure


•          Regional boundaries will remain only for the use of the regional officials, club shows, etc.

•          Term Length – President  & VP’s serve a 2 year term, with a maximum of 3 consecutive terms in one role. 

•          Past President to serve one term of 2 years.

•          Athletic Rep and all other positions listed that are non-Directors (marketing rep, provincial coach, provincial official, treasurer, etc) shall serve terms of one year with a maximum of 6 consecutive terms in one role.

•          Admin Committee to be established – VP Admin (secretary of the corporation), Marketing Rep, & Treasurer.

•          Those in elected roles will not carry a vote at the AGM, however they will be permitted to vote as a delegate of any club that they are affiliated with.

•          All the voting will be done by the clubs & the officials.

•          Any individual will only be permitted to vote once.


VP Technical

•          The VP Technical shall support and assist the President in all duties; shall assist in the design and delivery of technical programs for the development of athletes, coaches and officials, and shall perform such other duties as may be required from time to time by the Board of Directors.

•           The VP Technical will also be the Chair of the Technical Committee which is made up of the Provincial Coach and Official and Athlete Representative.


VP Admin:

•          The VP Admin (in conjunction with the Treasurer) shall cause to be kept proper accounting records as required by the Act, shall cause to be deposited all monies received by the Corporation into the Corporation’s bank account, as directed by the Board of Directors shall supervise the management and disbursement of funds of the Corporation, when required shall provide the Board of Directors with an account of financial transactions and the financial position of the Corporation, shall present audited financial statements to Members at the Annual General Meeting, unless presented by the Auditor, shall advise the Executive Director on financial matters and shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board of Directors. 

•          The VP Administration will also work closely with the Marketing Representative in order to assist with the ongoing marketing activities of the Corporation.  

•          The VP Administration shall act as Secretary of the Corporation and shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, shall be responsible for the documentation of all amendments to the Corporation’s Constitution and Bylaws, shall ensure that all official documents and records of the Corporation are properly kept, shall be the custodian of the seal of the Corporation and shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board of Directors.


VP Competitions

•          The VP Competitions will be responsible for overseeing all of the major tournaments & Corporate Shows hosted by Boxing Ontario.

•          Work with the VP Technical to ensure all tournaments are run properly. 

•          Work with the Executive Director to ensure that bids for tournaments are sent out in a timely fashion. 

•          Will also be responsible for all appeals of disciplinary sanctions.

•          Perform such other duties from time to time as established by the Board of Directors.


VP Protocol

•          The VP Protocol shall ensure that procedures in the Code of Conduct and the Discipline Policy are followed, 

•          Upon receiving notice of a disciplinary complaint, the VP Protocol shall administer any disciplinary proceedings in accordance with Boxing Ontario’s discipline policy.

•          The VP Protocol shall work with the Executive Director to ensure that the Policies and Procedures Manual is followed and kept up to date. 

•          The VP Protocol shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board of Directors.

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