Bid Guidelines for Boxing Ontario for multiple tournaments


Provincial Championships



In addition to the official sanction form provided with this document, the following is a listing of key points to consider when submitting a bid for the Championships:


·                     The selection of an appropriate venue that can house a regulation boxing ring and room for officials  and judges

·                     The ideal host venue and accommodation would be in the same location or very close (i.e. Hotel)

·                     The use of a hotel as a venue reduces travel expenses and makes it easier for everyone involved in the event

·                     It is important to negotiate a reasonable rate from the hotel- the room rate should be included in the bid proposal

·                     How many Doctors on each day of boxing

·                     Distance to nearest Hospital

·                     Number of weigh-in rooms and change rooms – separate for male and female

·                     Number of official scales and trial scales

·                     Will they have at least two glovers and a timekeeper

·                     The host must also provide a minimum of 2 volunteer s to operate computerized scoring – Boxing Ontario will provide training prior to the event

·                     Size of the venue – ensure there is enough room for vendors and Boxing Ontario booth

·                     Consider partnering with the hotel and your tourism board as both may have experience in bid submissions

·                     These championships are typically held in the last week of October or at the very latest the first week of November (Thursday to Sunday)


Your bid package should include the following:


·                     All information about the host venue and hotel should be included in the bid as well as the room rate

·                     Clearly distinguish the dates and times for the event

·                     The bid must be submitted electronically

·                     A strong bid should include all of the components listed above

·                     The bid should include as much detail about the hotel as possible – restaurants in house and nearby etc.

·                     Information about  travel to and from the venue and host hotel

For more information or questions please contact Matt Kennedy – [email protected]



DEADLINE FOR BID SUBMISSIONS – MONDAY April 4, 2011 – 12:00 noon to [email protected]