Do you have policy writing experience? Boxing Ontario is seeking individuals to join an ad hoc Committee that will support the Board of Directors with policy writing. You’ll be making an impact on the sport we all love, and helping to build a stronger, more cohesive organization.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, January 22 by 5pm. Please submit the below form to apply:

Boxing Ontario Ad Hoc Committee Application

  • Applicant Information

    This form must be submitted to Boxing Ontario by January 22, 2024 at 5pm latest.
  • Please provide a summary of any specific skills, attributes, experiences and/or education that you have that would pertain to the committee(s) you are applying for. Include your experience in the sport of boxing and/or amateur sport.
  • Please provide a brief summary of your experience within Boxing Ontario.
  • Please provide a brief summary of your experience with other Boards, Committees, and/or volunteer or community organizations. Highlight your skills or competencies that would contribute to the effective leadership and governance of Boxing Ontario:
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