Attention all Members, Coaches, and Officials

 Boxing Ontario is in need of a one lined slogan—something that is catchy and something that expresses our vision for amateur boxing in Ontario.

Who better to do this than all the dedicated registered members of Boxing Ontario?

If we select your slogan not only will your words be used to identify Boxing Ontario for years to come but you will also receive an IPOD NANO!

So enter NOW! Contest closes Thursday May 31, 2007. The decision will be announced July, 2007.

Remember – only registered members of Boxing Ontario are eligible to enter.

Only one (1) entry per person.

Boxing Ontario Board of Directors members and staff are ineligible to enter

You can submit your slogan via email, fax, or mail to:

Deide Konney

Boxing Ontario

1185 Eglinton Ave East

Toronto, ON M3C 3C6

Fax: 416.426.7367

Email:[email protected]