The foundation of any great organization is rooted in service. 

The Builder Award is presented to a member who embodies the mission, vision, and values of Boxing Ontario. They exhibit positive influence, leadership, and commitment through their volunteer work on committees, events, and overall contributions to our organization. This award will be presented when a member’s service is recognized as exemplary and goes above the call of duty of a volunteer.

This year’s recipient of the Builder Award is Matt Standish. Matt has been involved with Boxing Ontario for many years. In 2014, Matt was registered as a competitive athlete with Boxing Ontario. In 2016, he registered as a coach with Stockyards Boxing Club. He has been an Official with Boxing Ontario from 2017 to present. In 2019, Matt became a Level 3 official. In his professional life, Matt is a partner with Everest Management Network Inc., a recruitment agency which has helped companies build high-performing teams for three decades and counting.

In 2022, with the resignation of our previous Executive Director, Erik Espinola, an ad hoc committee was formed to assist the Board with the selection of our current Executive Director, Erik Olsen.  Members of the committee included Tom Hennessey, Jack Sullens, Jenn Ogg (Board Representative), and Committee Chair, Matt Standish. Boxing Ontario was not in the position to hire an agency to assist the Board in the recruitment, screening, interviewing, and hiring of a new Executive Director, but when called upon, Matt and all other members of the committee volunteered their time, knowledge, and expertise to assist. Matt was fully committed to the process for well over a month. He led the committee and volunteered endless hours during weekdays, weeknights, weekends, and holiday time at his cottage.

Matt, Boxing Ontario appreciates all you do for the organization as a member, official, volunteer, and friend. Thank you for your service to Boxing Ontario, for your dedication to participating and volunteering within the organization in so many facets, and for your commitment to help grow the love and enjoyment of boxing in our province.