2011 Canadian Championships Results

Male Medalists



49kg Jonathan Quinit – MB   Benoit Fleury – QC   Noram Lachance – ON  
  Emilien Boucher – QC  
52kg Kenny Lally – BC   Godfrey Nyora – ON   Bradley Quinit – MB  
  Ahmed Karatella – ON  
56kg Joey Laviolette – NS   Jermaine Badchkam – ON   Parul Ahlawat – AB  
  Marc-Andre Gauthier – QC  
60kg Ayaz Hussain – QC   Jad Seehra – BC   Alex Rynn – AB  
  Michael Gadbois – QC  
64kg Yves Ulysse -QC   Josh Wagner – ON   Norman Bradford – AB  
  Alonzo Johnson – NS  
69kg Mian Hussain – QC   Henry Lopez – ON   Custio Clayton – NS  
  Samuel Jodoin – QC  
75kg Brody Blair – NS   Vincent Thibault – QC   Mohamed Nassar – AB  
  Stuart Twardzik – SK  
81kg Jonathan Savard – QC   Andre Stewart – ON   Paul Mackenzie – AB  
  Andrew Gardiner – MB  
91kg Samir El-Mais – ON   Jean Donald George – QC   Paul Rasmussen – ON  
  Steven Harvey – QC  
91+kg Simon Kean – QC   Dawson Gibson – ON   Paul Glancy – NS  
  Omari Henry – ON  

Female Medalists

48kg Nathalie Goulet – QC   Kassandra O’Reilly – ON   Stacey Reid – AB
  Rosalia Calla – BC
51kg Mandy Bujold – ON   Jackie Lachapelle – ON   Chantelle Doucet – NS
  Leah Evans – ON
57kg Melissa Guillemette – QC   Edith Bluteau – QC   Jamie Ward – BC
  Alison Hunter – ON
60kg Sandra Bizier – QC   Debbie Richards – ON   Amber McLeod – AB
  Stephanie Walker – NS
64kg Sara Kali – QC   Jay hayden – SK   Shannah Nachoff – BC
  Erin Krekoski – ON
69kg Susan Haas – AB   Myriam Da Silva – QC   Amber Gnoome – AB
  Jessica McRae – ON
75kg Mary Spencer – ON   Arian Fortin – QC    
81kg Melinda Watpool – ON   Maude Gergeron – QC   Bridget Riquelme – MB  
          Monique Gellizeau – ON  

Day 5: December 11, 2010 Results

52kg   Godfrey Nyora LOSS to Kenny Lally(BC)   9:2

56kg   Jermaine Badchkam LOSS to Joey Laviolette (NS)   18:9

64kg   Josh Wagner  LOSS to Yves Ulysse(QC)   6:3

81kg   Andre Stewart  LOSS to Jonathan Savard (QC)   4:2

51kg   Mandy Bujold WIN over Jackie Lachapelle (ON)   10:1

60kg   Debbie Richards  LOSS to Sandra Bizier (QC)   9:2

81kg   Melinda Watpool WIN over Maude Bergeron (QC)   15:5

69kg   Henry Lopez  LOSS to Mian Hussain (QC)   W/O

91kg Samir El Mais WIN Over Jean Donald Georger (QC)   RSC1

91+kg   Dawson Gibson LOSS to Simon Kean (QC)   RSCH1

48kg   Kassandra O’Reilly LOSS to Nathalie Goulet (QC)

75kg   Mary Spencer WIN over Ariane Fortin (QC)   6:3

Full Results

Day 4: December 10, 2010 Results – SEMI FINALS

52kg   Godfrey Nyora WIN over Bradley Quinit (MB)   18:0
            Ahmed Karatella LOSS to Kenny Lally (BC)          RSC1

56kg   Jermaine Badchkam WIN over Parul Ahlawat(AB)   18:4

60kg   Debbie Richards WIN over Amber McLeod (AB)   9:2

64kg   Josh Wagner WIN over Norman Bradford (AB)   8:2

69kg   Jessica McRae LOSS to Susan Haas (AB)   10:6

81kg   Melinda Watpool WIN over Monique Gellizeau   RSC4

81kg   Andre Stewart WIN over Andrew Gardiner (MB)   W/O

48kg   Kassandra O’Reilly LOSS to Nathalie Goulet (QC)   7:5

69kg   Henry Lopez LOSS to Mian Hussain (QC)   W/O

75kg   Mary Spencer WIN over Ariane Fortin (QC)   6:3

91kg   Samir El Mais WIN over Jean Donald George (QC)   RSC1

91+kg   Dawson Gibson LOSS to Simon Kean (QC)   RSCH1

Full Results


Day 3: December 9, 2010 Results

51kg   Mandy Bujold WIN over Chantelle Doucette(NS)        12:3
            Jackie Lachapelle (ON) WIN over Leah Evans (ON)    12:5

56kg   Jermaine Badchkam(ON) WIN over Josh O’Reilly (ON)   10:3

64kg   Erin Krekoski LOSS to Sara Kali (Que)   7:7 (countback)

64kg   Josh Wagner WIN over Roodsy Vincent (Que)   6:2
            Jesse Wilcox LOSS to Yves Ulysse (Que)              5:2

69kg   Jessica McRae WIN over Kandi Wyatt (AB)   7:4

81kg   Andre Stewart WIN over Vincent Tardif (Que)   13:0

Full Results

48kg   Kassandra O’Reilly WIN over Rasalia Calla (BC)   3:2

49kg   Noram Lachance LOSS to Jonathan Quinit (MB)   6:0

69kg   Henry Lopez WIN over Samuel Jodoin (Que)   8:5

91kg   Paul Rasmussen LOSS to Jean Donald George (Que)   6:5
            Samir El Mais WIN over Steven Harvey (Que)               11:4

91+kg   Dawson Gibson(ON) WIN over Omari Henry(ON)   7:5

Full Results
Day 2: December 8, 2010 Results

64kg   Jesse Wilcox WIN over Etienne Deblois (Que)   10:6

48kg   McKenzie Wright LOSS to Nathalie Goulet (Que)   15:11

54kg   Caroline Jonik LOSS to Vicky Pelletier (Que)   26:0

60kg   Sara Buczek LOSS to Debbie Richards (ON)   RSC3

64kg Erin Krekoski WIN over Jessica Gross (MAN)   6:1

Full Results

69kg   Henry Lopez WIN over Sebastien Dube  
            Johnny Tello LOSS to Hussain Mian   RSC3

75kg   Fady Mahfouz LOSS to Thibault Vincent   RSCH

91kg   Shavar Henry LOSS to Paul Rasmussen    RSC3
            Samir El Mais WIN over Matte Carol         15:2
            Haidar Mansour LOSS to Steven Harvey   1:11 

Full Results

Day 1: December 7, 2010 Results


56kg   Josh O’Reilly WIN over Kyle Macneil (NS)   21:4

60kg   Justin Hocko LOSS to Michael Gadbois (Que)   8:4
           Steve Wilcox LOSS to Jag Seehra (BC)                  9:5
           Ron Makovoz LOSS to Alex Rynn (AB)                 15:14
           Ali Youseff LOSS to Ian Pellerin (Que)                  13:4

69kg   Jonny Tello WIN over John Glover (QUE)      10:8
           Kevin Higson WIN over Ryan Stewart (BC)     9:3 
           Jessie Ennis LOSS to Custio Clayton (NS)         8:2  

75kg   Josh Cameron LOSS to Brody Blair (NS)   16:6

91kg   Haidar Mansour WIN over Justin Bonhomme   RSC1

91+kg   Henry Gabriel LOSS to Simon Kean (Que)  RSC2

Full Results

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