Cadet Nationals

It truly was a weekend of Gold for Ontario AND Canada as two big tournaments took place.  In Prince George, BC, the Cadet National Championships were held and Team Ontario led the way.  Ontario seized 5 Gold, 5 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals!  Although there was no team award given, the Team Ontario Males had the most points.  Congratulations to the athletes and their coaches for their efforts, we are very proud of you!  Also a special thanks to Team Manager Heather Fex for an outstanding job.  Here are the complete results from the Cadet Nationals 2005:

 60kg  Lindsay Desrochers  Lambton/Sarnia BC  Silver – loss to Tanya St. Pierre (QC) RSCO1
 39kg Cory Devey  Motor City BC – Oshawa   Silver – win over McIntyre (NB) 22-13, loss to Harrison (QC) 10-19
 46kg Steve Wilcox  Steeltown – Hamilton  Silver – win over Donovan (NB) RSCO2, loss to Lally (BC) 15-13 
 48kg Jermaine Badchkam  McGrory’s – Hamilton  Gold – win over Forsyth (QC), win over babineau (NB) Disq
 50kg Adrian Sinanan  Bramalea BC  Gold – win over Sacranic (MB) RSCO1, win over Ferland (QC) RSCO2 
 52kg Joey Bowman  Champs Eastside – Cornwall  Gold – win over Bouliane RSCO1, win over Delorne (MB)RSC-1
 54kg Tyler Cross  Belleville BC  Silver – win over Sparks (NS) 24-15, loss to Zewski (QC) 1-4 (no computer) 
 57kg Matt Standon  East Windsor BC  Loss to Lomoureaux (QC) 11-28 
 60kg Zishan Khan  Bramalea BC  Silver – won over McNeilly (AB), loss to Lamoureaux (QC) 16-24 
 63kg Jerome Gabriel  Motor City BC – Oshawa  Gold – win over Carranza (PEI) RSC-1, win over MacIsaac (NS) RSCO2, win over Desorcy (QC) 28-22 
 66kg Robbie Shewell  Uptown BC – Barrie  Bronze – loss to Gerrow (NS) 20-40 
 70kg Fabricio Portillo  Waterloo Regional BC  Bronze – loss to Goulet (Disq 2) 
 80kg Colin Fish  Motor City BC – Oshawa  Gold – win over Davis (NS) RSCH-1 

Women’s Continental Championships

From Team Manager Val Ryan

Team Canada was the toast of the 1st. Pan American Female Boxing Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Bringing 10 boxers we won 7 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze.  Champions are 46kg Nancy Fortin of Que., 52kg Nathalie Forget of Que., 57kg Sandra Bizer, Que., 63kg Katie Dunn of Ont., 66kg Mary Spencer, 70kg Ariane Fortin, Que and 86kg. Jacynthe Maloney of Que.  Silver went to 48kg.Marie Eve Fortier of Que and Bronze went to 50kg Michelle Nelson of Sask. and 60kg. Genevieve Lachance of Que. A great preparation for the World Championships in Russia in Sept. all hopefully leading up to 2008 Olympics in China.  Thanks, Val Ryan, Team Leader.

Congratulations to Ontario’s Katie Dunn and Mary Spencer who continue to show that they are not only two of the best female boxers in Canada, but in the world!  Good luck to Windsor’s finest as they prepare for the upcoming World Championships.