Boxing Ontario chronicles the adventures of Adam Trupish and his teammates as they prepare for Athens and fulfill a lifelong dream – to box in the Olympic Games.

Volume 10: At the Games (Written by Adam Trupish)

Hello there boxing land! All is well in Athens as three of the five Canadian boxers prepare for the next two days of bouts. Trevor fights tomorrow,  with Kooner and Benoit fighting Friday. It was a nice day off today. We were able to get some important duties done like; wash clothes, change any plane tickets, the usual stuff. I was offered a job with a European amateur boxing website, as an Olympic athlete reporter. My column will consist of any funny or unusual things going on in boxing or around the village. I also was introduced to Bruny Surin this afternoon, forgot to take a pic. Lucky me, my stitches come off tomorrow. Well going to pack it in early tonight. Till tomorrow!

Adam 08-18-04

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