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The Road To The Olympic Qualifiers For Team Ontario Starts In Training Camp
Providing Opportunity for Growth and Knowledge

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On December 8th, Boxing Ontario Olympic Trial athletes were welcomed by the Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy, as they hosted a 1 day Training Camp and Information Seminar in preparation for the Olympic Trials in Montreal December 16-20, 2019.  It was a great opportunity for the boxers to work with the 4 Team Ontario coaches and learn from high performance practioners about mental strength,  concussion health and nutrition.

As Boxing Ontario strives to continue to provide more resources for athletes to advance in the sport, training camps like these will be a valuable tool, and more camps like this one are in the works.   Athletes that are dedicated to developing their skills to National and International levels will benefit from the resources provided in camps like these.  Working with experts that are enthusiastic about developing up and coming and elite athletes and they will propel themselves quicker.

The workshop was cooridnated by Team Managers Rick Cadilha and Kaitlyn Clark.  Head coach Socrates Celestial lead the team of boxers and coaches alike in the opportunity to advance their training and knowledge both in and out of the ring.  With the help of fellow coaches Rey Morales, Kristina Ejem and Noel Clubb,  the trainig camp was a great success, providing all of the athletes with new experiences working with the high performance coaches of Boxing Ontario.  

Team Ontario Coaches Get Mentally Prepared For The Olympic Trials

On Saturday Waterloo Regional Boxing Club also hosted 14 coaches for the final part of our Mental Performance workshop that included a very informative session from the National Team Director of High Performance Daniel Trepanier.  It is obvious that we need to start bridging this “gap” and we as coaches truly understand the pathway.  Coach Rick Cadilha has a number of ideas regarding Talent Identification that parallel the National Team and the Gold Medal Profiling.  Among these opportunities is a special invite only Junior Camp (Jr A, B and C) that would run following the Bramption Cup in Kitchener.  The invitees would be selected based on their performance at the Cup and a subsequent interview by a member of the Boxing Ontario High Performance Committee. 

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