The National Senior Championships in St. Hyacinthe, QC had athletes from all over Canada vying for the coveted spots on the National Team.

Thursday January 25th


Semi Final: 54 kg Isho Shiba (Hamilton, ON) def Fred Sirard (Que)43-31

Semi Final: 54kg Clay Dales (Oshawa, ON) def Stephen Cannell (NS) 28-24

Semi Final: 57kg Ghislain Madmuma (Que) def Padraic Griffin (Orangeville, ON) RSCOS-2

Quarter Final: 60kg Richard Chau (London, ON) def Jason Williams (Sask) RSCOS-3

Quarter Final: 60kg Ibrahim Kamal (Toronto, ON) def Pier-Olivier Cote (Que) 30-20

Quarter Final: 75kg Richard Reittie (Toronto, ON) def Francy Ntetu (Que) RSC-3

Quarter Final: 66kg Fem. Erin Krekowski (Bridgenorth, ON) def Maria Lewans (Sask) RSCOS-2

Friday, Jan. 26 – 1pm

                                                     R E S U L T S

Quarter Final: 50kg Fem. Mandy Bujold (Kitchener, ON) def. Veronique Pascoal (Que) 27-16

Quarter Final: 57kg Fem. Wendy Baird (Ottawa, ON) def Lucia Larcinese (Que) 21-18

Quarter Final: 64kg Jonathan Bochner (Toronto, ON) def. Joanthan Brisebois (Que) 39-19

Quarter Final: 64kg Andre Gorges (Windsor, ON) loss. Kevin Bizier (Que) 25-29

Quarter Final: 69kg Adam Trupish (Windsor, ON) def. Kelly Page (Man) RSC2

Quarter Final: 69kg Steve Rolls ( Orangeville, ON) loss. Nathan Kulczyski (BC) 15-18


Friday, Jan. 26 – 7pm

                                                  R E S U L T S

Semi Final: 48kg Fem. Jacqui Park ( Hamilton, ON) def. Valerie Bedard (Que) 22-22(79-76)

Semi Final: 54kg Fem. Rosie Thomas (Ottawa, ON) loss. Isabelle Menard (Que) 13-25

Semi Final: 60kg Richard Chau (London, ON) def. Marc Boissy (Que) 22-10

Semi Final: 60kg Ibrahim Kamal (Toronto, ON) def. Curtis White (NS) RSC4

Semi Final: 60kg Fem. Alison Hunter (Windsor, ON) loss. Genevieve Lachance (Que) RSCO2

Semi Final: 63kg fem. Katie Dunn (Windsor, ON) def. Claudia Renkwitz (Windsor, ON) RSCO2

Semi Finale: 66kg Fem. Mary Spencer (Windsor, ON) def. Karine Hardy (Que) RSCO1

Semi Final: 66kg Fem. Erin Krekoski (Bridgenorth, ON) def. Danielle Quee (BC) 32-16

Semi Final: 75kg Fem. Amber Konikow (Sudbury, ON) def. Nancy Laroche (Que) 11-10

Semi Final: 75kg Richard Reittie (Toronto, ON) def. Joet Best (NS) 31-17

Semi Final: 81kg Jason Douglas (Windsor, ON) def. Matthew Morgan (Man) RSC2

Semi Final: 81kg Glenn Hunter (St. Catharines, ON) def. Danny Perez (Que)

Semi Final: 91kg Justin White (Hamilton, ON) def. Grayson Wells (BC) RSC1

Saturday and Sunday Results see NATIONAL RESULTS