Join Mary Spencer on her journey to the Women’s World Championships in Russia, Sept. 25 – Oct. 3.

Friday, Sept. 16


6am- sparring at the gym
8am- 1 hour of PNF stretching
10-12pm- rest
1pm- sparring at the gym
        -technical sparring at the gym
9pm- bed

Sparring has been really great!  We are working a lot on hand speed and combinations.  I’m lucky to have the sparring partners that I do because they help a lot.  PNF stretching is a type of stretching that I find most effective.  It is done by Derek, my strength and conditioning coach.  Yeah it can hurt but it is necessary to be flexible and you definitely want that when you are competing.  The truth is, I should be stretching like this all the time.  I felt like I could use the extra sleep and didnt mind one bit going to bed at 9 on a Friday night.  It will be worth it!!!!


5am- protein shake with milk
7am- bagel, banana
9am- scrambled eggs, toast, yogurt
3pm- chili, crackers, crystal light water,
6pm- tuna, crackers,
7pm- 6 organic oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies, milk

I am starting to lose the nerves and they are being replaced with excitement.  Originally, I would have been leaving tomorrow, but I have another week to go now.  I CANT WAIT!!!!

Saturday, Sept. 17


8am- technical workout, pads, etc.
10am- sprints at the track
1-3pm- rest
10pm- bed

I felt really good doing sprints today.  My times were great and I feel like things are really coming together nicely in these last days of preparation.


7:30- bowl of cereal “life”
11:30am- gatorade, apple, grapes
12pm- toast, eggs, milk
3pm- soup, yogurt,
5pm- tuna, crackers,
7pm- pop tart….yum

I started making lists of what I need to pack.  I want to be ready ahead of time and not have to rush.  I remember one time before a fight I had a bad dream that it was time for me to fight and I didnt have any of my equipment ready or anything and had to rush…it was an awful feeling being unprepared!

Sunday, Sept. 18

6pm- 3 mile jog, shadow boxing

It was good to get a workout in today.  I am usually busy in the mornings but Charlie always finds time for me in the evening! (isnt that nice?)


8am- bowl of cereal
11am- tuna, crackers, gatorade
3pm- stew
4pm- Reese’ cups
5pm- oatmeal with protein powder
8pm- grapefruit, yogurt

I talked with a nutritionist today (just happened to run into her) and she wrote me up a program for the last week before I leave.  I will try it starting tomorrow!  Also, I started packing. I have all of my clothes packed.  Hopefully I will have enough training clothes to last me through the week!! ….only 6 more days…….