Windsor Amateur Boxing Club athlete Mary Spencer moved one step closer to her 3rd World Championship when her opponent Tamara GARCIA from Spain failed her medical. SPENCER will now face either Germany or Ukraine on Friday in the semi’s. Thursday is a rest day for all athletes. The finals are on Saturday


Mary Spencer is the lone remaining Canadian athlete still in the tournament

September 7, 2010

The draw was held on Wednesday for the 2010 AIBA Women World Boxing Championships being held in Bridgetown Barbados.


In total, there are 267 athletes from 65 different Federations

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Here is how the Canadian Girls did…

September 9, 2010 


Session 1B      Thur 09 Sept 2010      14:00hr            Light Fly         45-48kg           29 athletes      

Bout #12         Lynsey HOLDAWAY           WAL               vs         Jacqueline PARK        CAN
                                   WIN                                                                          LOSS                                                  10:2


Session 2B      Thur 09 Sept 2010      19:30hr            Light               60 kgs              42 athletes

Bout #26         Stephanie WALKER              CAN               vs         Bugar TASHEEN       GER
                                  —                                                                               ADVANCES                                      GER W/O

 September 10, 2010

Session 3B      Fri 10 Sept 2010         16:00hr            Fly                   51 kgs              45 athletes

Bout #48         Hyang KIM OK                     PRK                vs         Mandy BUJOLD        CAN

                                WIN                                                                               LOSS                                                8:5

Session 4A      Fri 10 Sept 2010         19:30hr            Welter             69 kgs              22 athletes

Bout #56         Kandi WYATT                       CAN               vs         Andeccia WASSON   USA

                               LOSS                                                                                          WIN                                       17:3

September 12, 2010

Session            Sun 12 Sept 2010        16:00hr            Feather                        57 kgs              29 athletes

Bout #123       Melissa GUILLEMETTE       CAN               vs         Reyna COTIJA           MEX

                                         LOSS                                                                         WIN                                             8:6

Session            Sun 12 Sept 2010        19:30hr            Light Heavy    81 kgs              14 athletes

Bout #129       Melinda WATPOOL              CAN               vs         Marina VOLNOVA   KAZ

                                    LOSS                                                                             WIN

September 13, 2010

Session            Mon 13 Sept 2010      19:30hr            Middle                        69 kgs              27 athletes

Bout #162       Mary SPENCER                     CAN               vs         Anna LAURELL        SWE
                                 WIN                                                                           LOSS