Boxing Canada reports that the Women’s World Championships have been brought back to life in a last-minute joint partnership between Russian cities and AIBA.  The event, originally slated to run September 18 – 26 in St. Petersburg, has now been re-scheduled to September 25 – October 3 in Podolsk, Russia.  Podolsk is located approximately one hour from Moscow.

The association is ecstatic that Katie Dunn and Mary Spencer will once again get their chance to represent Canada at the World Championships.  But the down-side of it all is that these athletes will have to re-shuffle their schedules yet again, along with the financial implications of booking, un-booking, and re-booking flights.  Boxing Canada stated that many of the women, who had planned their vacation time for this event, and then rescinded, now have to fight for those days off all over again.  Some may not be successful.  One athlete could not cancel her flight nor work schedule so she decided to transfer to Cuba instead for a vacation!  We hope that she can be found in time and lured from the beach back to the ring!

Good luck to Katie, Mary, and the entire National Team!