Quest for Gold!!!!


2006-2007 Quest for Gold Athlete Assistance Program Ontario Card Nominations Announced!

It is our pleasure to announce that the following athletes have been nominated for Quest For Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program.  This program funding through the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion is designed to assist future Olympians to achieve their goals.  The athletes nominated exemplify this drive.  Through hard-work, training, and dedication to our sport, we are sure that they will make Ontario proud.


  1. Jonathan Bochner
  2. Jacqueline Park
  3. Mandy Bujold
  4. Jermaine Badchkam
  5. Ryan Rannelli
  6. Richard Chau
  7. Jacqueline Lachapelle
  8. Philip Butler
  9. Padraic Griffin
  10. Alixandra Mullins
  11. Tony Luis
  12. Frankie Rill
  13. Logan Cotton
  14. Leah Evan
  15. Stephan Franjic


Boxing Ontario would like to thank and congratulate the talented athletes who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2006-2007 Quest for Gold Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP). The athletes nominated were selected using the sport specific selection criteria developed by Boxing Ontario, approved by its Board of Directors and applied by (the) Boxing Ontario Athlete Selection Committee.

Boxing Ontario congratulates these athletes on their successful performances, and their nomination for Quest for Gold OAAP funding.


Athletes who have not been nominated and who wish to appeal this decision can do so by filing an appeal in writing only with the Quest for Gold Ontario Athlete Assistance Program Appeals Committee.  Appeals must be submitted through regular post, registered mail, in person or by courier.  Appeals that are delivered personally or by courier shall be deemed to be received on the date of delivery.  Appeals that are delivered by regular post or registered mail shall be deemed to be received three days after the date of mailing.  Appeals submitted by e-mail or fax will not be accepted.  

Grounds for appeals will be limited strictly to:

·        whether or not the PSO/MSO has completed the selection process in accordance with their own published selection criteria and related procedures;

·        whether or not the selection criteria developed and applied by the PSO/MSO were fair, objective, transparent and free from discrimination or conflict of interest. 

After hearing an appeal the Appeals Committee will have the authority to:

a)      Direct the PSO/MSO to redo the selection process using the correct criteria/process and submit new list of nominated athletes;

b)      Deny the appeal;

c)      Allow the appeal and nominate the appellant for carding status. 

 The deadline for athletes to submit appeals to the Appeals Committee is November 15, 2006

Appeals can be directed to:

Quest for Gold Ontario Athlete Assistance Program Appeals Committee

c/o Sport and Recreation Branch

Ministry of Health Promotion,

18th floor, 393 University Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

M7A 2S1