Ontario Boxers to Compete in Upcoming Tournaments against Puerto Rico

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Toronto, Ontario – Three of Boxing Ontario’s athletes will represent Canada at the 20th Annual Ken Goff Memorial which is set for May 24 at the Credit Union EventPlex in Regina, Saskatchewan. Their counter-parts from Puerto Rico will compete in the Classic and the accompanying Mayor’s Cup, the ninth edition of which is slated for May 26 at the Orr Centre. For both events, Canada will be in the Red Corner and Puerto Rico will be in the Blue Corner. The three Ontario boxers who will be competing at the two tournaments include;

–         Bradley Wilcox (Steeltown Boxing Club)

–         Rodolfo Velasquez (McGrory’s Boxing Club)

–         Arthur Biyarslanov (Cabbagetown Boxing Club)

The Canadian team which is comprised of 8 male and 1 female athletes are in tough competition against one of the top amateur boxing countries in the Americas. The Canadian team has boxed against teams from countries such as England, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico and Scotland in previous Classics. Facing Puerto Rico also fits with a new Boxing Canada strategy that will see the national team tangle more often with teams from the Americas.

The Ken Goff Memorial will begin at 8 p.m. on the 24th and The Mayor’s Cup will begin at 1 p.m. on the 26th. Tickets for both events are available at the door or by calling the Regina Boxing Club at 306-525-5757.

For more information contact:

Matthew Kennedy

Executive Director

Boxing Ontario

[email protected]