Ontario has sent a team of 4 promising boxers to England. Jermaine Badchkam (McGrory’s), Steve Wilcox (Steeltown), Ben Shamoon(The Whip) and Colin Fish(Motor City) are all in contention to represent Ontario and Canada in a friendly match. See below for full results.

February 25, 2008 Results

54kg Jermaine Badchkam  defeated  Bradley Evans – RSC

57kg Steven Wilcox loss to Jack Hebert – 14:18

81kg Colin Fish  defeated James Pollock – 20:6

February 22, 2008 Results

Jermaine Badchkam (McGrorys) defeated Daniel Lawlor of England 17-7

54kg Jermaine Badchkam v   Daniel Lawlor 

This bout started fast and furious by both boxers, as they tried to take control. After the initial exchanges the bout became a very technical affair. In the first round Daniel was spoken to by the referee regarding the dropping of his shoulder as his opponent rushed in, this was made to look worse as the southpaw Canadian appeared to jump up as he rushed in. The second round Daniel was deducted points twice for again dropping his shoulder. The second and the third round remained a cagey affair, with both boxers selecting their punches with some accuracy. 

The fourth round Daniel realizing he was behind pushed forward scoring well with combinations, however he left it too late to catch the Canadian who won the bout by the score of 16 – 7 

Steven Wilcox (Steeltown) lost to Iain Weaver of England 14-7

57kg Steven Wilcox v   Iain Weaver (Team Captain) 

Team Captain Iain Weaver led from the front with a fine display of boxing. In the first round the southpaw pushed his opponent back with some well selected punches to the head and body of the Canadian, the Canadian appeared a bit confused with Iain’s power and speed. The second round was the same as the first with the Canadian coming back into the bout. In the third round lain upped the pressure scoring well with right hooks to the body and head of his opponent. Although the Canadian was giving a good account of himself, lain stepped up a gear to keep in control with his clinical punches winning the bout by 5 – 14 


Ben Shamoon (The Whip) defeated Jonson McClumpha of England 14-6

69kg Ben Shamoon   v   Jonson McClumpha 

This bout started with both boxers trying to land some big punches. In the early exchanges the Canadian appeared to read Jonson’s moves early on, avoiding the full weight of his punches. Following a furious exchange between the two boxers, the Canadian was given a standing count for what appeared to be a problem with his gumshield. Jonson came forward fast and furious in a bid to stop the bout in the first. The second and third rounds saw Jonson stalking the Canadian around the ring, however his work rate appeared to drop off allowing the Canadian to run up some points with precision punches. The last round saw Jonson step up the pace, scoring well, however it was too late to catch the Canadian who won the bout 13 – 6 

Colin Fish (Motor City) defeated Alfie Sackie of England 23-12

 81kg Collin Fish   v   Alfie Sackie 

The last bout saw Alfie take on the much fancied/respected Canadian. In the first round both boxers were unloading with some well aimed loaded punches to both body and head of each other, at the end of the first round Alfie caught the Canadian with a three punch combination which forced him back for the first time. As the bout went on the Canadian began to take control, with Alfie being awarded two standing counts. Following a boost from the corner team Alfie pushed forward taking the fight to the Canadian. In the third round, following a three precision punch combination from Alfie the Canadian was awarded a standing count. This gave Alfie another boost ready for the fourth round. Digging deep Alfie went after the Canadian, halfway through the round Alfie shocked the Canadian with a combination, which ended with a left hook, sending the Canadian to the canvas. Following the count Alfie chased the Canadian around the ring in an attempt to finish off this opponent. The Canadian clearly hurt managed to keep away from the reach of  Alfie and earning himself a point’s victory 23 – 12 

Team Results:  Canada 4 – England 6