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We are now accepting bids for the 2010 & 2010 Year End Gala and AGM.


Request for Bids

2010 and 2011 Year End Gala, Awards and AGM




On May 30th, 2009 Boxing Ontario hosted a year end dinner, boxing show and awards.  The event was held in Oshawa and hosted by the Motor City Boxing Club.  It was a great success and was very well received by the membership.  The Executive Committee voted to accept bids on hosting the gala, awards and AGM for 2010 and 2011.  The gala would be held on the Saturday evening and the AGM on Sunday.




May 29th and 30th, 2010

May 28th and 29th, 2011


Bid Criteria – Host Club




·         Provide a suitable venue that can hold a minimum of 200 people seated at tables and another 100 as general spectators – also include a separate room for weigh ins and medicals,

·         It is preferable that the gala take place in the same venue as where the accommodation is located if not,  ensure that the gala location is within a 15 km radius of accommodations

·         Provide accommodation arrangements for attendees of the gala and AGM the following day

·         Provide competitive pricing for the room rental and dinner

·         Provide the ring, at a competitive price and all other boxing equipment for a minimum of 6 bouts, also provide volunteers do to set-up and take down the ring

·         Provide a doctor for the event at a reasonable fee

·         Provide medals/trophies to the boxers

·         Do all of the matching for the bouts – it is strongly recommended that a large number of local boxers are involved in order to generate greater interest and ticket sales

·         Provide at least two volunteers to serve on the organizing committee

·         Assist in the solicitation of sponsors and donors for the event, ticket sales and silent auction

·         Assist in the recruitment of media partners in order to promote the event – this includes radio, television and newspapers

·         Attend any pre-event functions such as press conferences or other promotional events

·         Provide an MC and DJ – includes sound equipment and projection screen







·         Provide a suitable location to host the AGM and include one additional room for a separate meeting

·         Make arrangements to provide lunch for the participants at the AGM

·         Provide a venue that will have access to a photocopier, computer and printer

·         Provide a venue that will have access to audio visual equipment such as a screen and microphone


Boxing Ontario provisions




·         Recruit the balance of the organizing committee beyond the two from the host


·         Cover the costs of the following:

–          The room for the gala, weigh in and medical

–          The boxing ring

–          The base costs of the meal

–          Payment of officials and the doctor

–          Payment of awards

–          Any deposits required by the host venue

–          Payment of hotel rooms for all board members and delegates at the AGM


·         Work directly with the host venue of the event – be the primary point of contact

·         Assist in the solicitation of sponsors and donors for the event, ticket sales and silent auction

·         Assist in the recruitment of media partners in order to promote the event – this includes radio, television and newspapers

·         Promote the event with all members of Boxing Ontario through the web site and newsletters

·         Be directly responsible for the sale of tickets for the event




·         Coordinate all components of the AGM

·         Coordinate the booking of hotel rooms for attendees

·         Cover all costs associated with the hosting of the AGM  – including meeting rooms and food




Venue data for perspective host


·         Room requirement – gala – one large banquet style room, one mid size room – AGM – mid size room holding 30-40 – 1 smaller room holding 10-15

·         Anticipated attendance gala – dinner 100-200 – boxing only 100

·         Meals – gala – dinner – AGM – coffee and tea am. – lunch for 30-40 noon

·         Room Nights – Friday – 10 – Saturday – 15-20 – 1 comp room included each night


Deadline and content requirement


The deadline for bids is Wednesday, July 15th at 5:00 pm – note that any bids submitted after that time will not be accepted – please send your bid to Doug Hannum, Executive Director


Please note that bids will only be accepted from registered clubs with Boxing Ontario




·         Bids must be submitted electronically

·         Bids must include detailed information from the proposed venue, including cost of meals, meeting rooms and hotel rooms

·         Bids must include a detailed budget that would include items such ring, awards and all other financial requirements of the host club

·         Bids should include as much detail as possible regarding costs for the event


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