Boxing Ontario is pleased to announce that Milton Motor Sports has signed on to be the Presenting Sponsor of the Formal Dinner & Boxing Gala on Friday, June 17.  Attendees of the event will be treated to a new line of Yamaha street bikes and 4-wheelers for their viewing pleasure.  Thank you to Milton Motor Sports and Yamaha for their participation and for making this event even more exciting!

For more information on Milton Motor Sports, check out their website

Here is updated boxing card for Friday (as of June 14), it looks to be a great night of boxing!

Presented by Milton Motor Sports, Boxing Ontario, and TOP TEN Canada


Light Flyweight Female Division (48kg)


Jacqueline Park (ON)              vs.                     Nancy Fortin

                      Cabbagetown Boxing Club – Toronto                      Club Saint-émile

                                  2004 National Champion                           2005 National Champion


Featherweight Female Division (54kg)


Kaydian Morgan (ON)                vs.                   Natalie Lacombe

                  McGrory’s Boxing Club – Hamilton                         Club Trois Rivieres          

                   2005 Provincial Finalist                                      2005 National Champion


Light Welterweight Female Division (63kg)


Katie Dunn (ON)                       vs.                     Desni Boisvert

     Border City Boxing Club – Windsor                                  Club Adams Boxing                       

2005 National Champion                                           2005 Provincial Champion


Lightweight Male Division (60kg)


Richard Chau (ON)                  vs.                   Ghislain Maduma

                  London Boxing Club – London                             Club Club Champion

                       2005 Provincial Finalist                                 2005 Provincial Champion


Light Welterweight Male Division (64kg)


Andre Gorges (ON)               vs.                        Sebastien Grenier

     Border City Boxing Club – Windsor                                  Club Adams Boxing                  

        2005 Provincial Finalist                                   2005 Provincial Finalist 

Middleweight Male Division Junior (75kg)


Steve Franjic (ON)                vs.                         AIi Akbulut

                   Big Tyme Boxing Club – Orangeville                           Club Legends

                       2005 National Silver Medalist                           2005 National Bronze Medalist