Submitted by Shawn McWilliams

This week we are profiling Lucas Bahdi from Irwin Boxing Club in Niagara Falls. Lucas recently won the 60kg Canadian Championship at the 2015 Elite Nationals Championships in Mississauga. He was also given the distinction of “Best Male Boxer Of The Tournament.”


S.M. – You have become one of the country’s best pound for pound boxers, who would you like to thank for helping you earn your spot on the National team?

L.B. – Three words are the most determining factor “Billy and Mike”. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the Irwin brothers. I was so fortunate to walk into the right gym with two of the best trainers our country has to offer. Another contributing factor seen me this year begin working the best strength & conditioning coach in the biz, Stephen Hayden. His vast knowledge and all the hard work he put me through made me stronger than ever at 60kg; he’s an amazing trainer. Finally the team at Irwin’s and all my sparring partners that pushed me through round after round after round in preparation for the nationals.


S.M. – In a word describe yourself, and then tell us why.

L.B. – Hunger. I t’s the reason I took home the gold this year. I honestly believe that no one wanted it as bad as I did.


S.M. – How do you achieve balance?

L.B. – Again my fortune shines here. I am so lucky to have a family that supports me in my boxing career. This kind of support is invaluable and makes it very easy for me. Training always comes first; they accept and understand that.


S.M. – What keeps your drive alive?

L.B. – I have bigger goals that are still in the process. Winning the national gold was one of my most attainable achievements. It’s kept things moving in the direction I’m going to achieve my dreams.


S.M. – What is the most rewarding aspect of representing your country?

L.B. – I believe that representing my country is the highest honor to me personally. It’s not something everyone can say they have done; it’s something I will remember always and take very seriously.


S.M. – Who’s your toughest critic?

L.B. – Without a doubt, myself. No matter what I do, I always take pride in my work. My desire to keep improving is never satisfied. I always strive for more, and I’ll see to it that it’s achieved.


S.M. – What are your thoughts on boxing with no headgear?

L.B. – I prefer to box without headgear because I feel it forces the boxer to improve defensively. Since the rule has been instituted my vision and head movement are much better.


S.M. – Tell us about your plans for the future?

L.B. – My future plans….well all roads lead to me bringing home a gold medal from the 2016 Rio Olympics. It’s the last thing I think about before I sleep and the first thing I think of when I wake up. As for a pro career, my amateur goals need to be accomplished before that happens. I want that Olympic Gold Medal!


S.M. – Thanks Lucas

L.B. – You’re welcome thanks for the time Shawn.

Shawn McWilliams is a freelance boxing writer based out of Orangeville, who submits regular articles to help promote Boxing Ontario and our members. If you have an idea for a story please contact Shawn at [email protected]