Lets Get Ready to Rumble !

Get ready for an exciting weekend of Boxing at the Quality Inn, Ontario St., St. Catharines.  This is the first step for qualifying for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia in March.  First Bouts start at 7pm Thurs. Jan. 5 continuing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Programs will be posted on Thursday.         

Wt.  Name Province   Females    
48kg Philip Butler Ontario   46kg Stephanie Hamel  Quebec
  Gabriel Riffon  Quebec     Nancy Fortin Quebec
51kg Ryan Ranelli Ontario   48kg Jennifer Walker Alberta
  Renaud Young Quebec   Jackie Park Ontario
  Dominic Longpre Quebec     Valerie Bedard Quebec
54kg Isho Shiba Ontario     Nathalie Lacombe Quebec
  Huges Filiault Quebec   50kg Leah Evans Ontario
  Tyson Cave N.S.     Vicky Pelletier Quebec
57kg Jesse Ennis Ontario     Kim Jay Sask. 
  Ghislain Maduma Quebec     Michelle Nelson Sask. 
  Stephen Cannell N.S.     Alexandra Cubitt B.C.
  Arash Usmanee Alberta   52kg Bernice Booth Ontario
60kg Richard Chau Ontario     Veronique Pascoal Quebec
  Pier-Olivier Cote Quebec     Natalie Forget Quebec
  Curtis White N.S.     Marina Mavros B.C.
  Sleman Usmanee Alberta   54kg Rosi Thomas Ontario
  Cody Dill Sask.      Isabelle Mathieu Quebec
64kg tba Ontario     Christie Gervais Quebec
  Dierry Jean Quebec     Jamie Lee Pollock Alberta
  Kevin Bizier Quebec     Lydia Walczak B.C.
  Nathan Kulczycki B.C.   57kg Lindsay Garbatt Ontario
69kg Andre Gorges Ontario     Jill Perry Ontario
  Adam Trupish Ontario     Patricia Picotin Quebec
  Greg Michel Quebec     Sandra Bizier Quebec
  Frederic Levesque N.B.     Vanessa Bradford Alberta
  Conan Pitchenese Manitoba     Jasmine Wagner Sask. 
      Kelly Attridge B.C.
  Matt Dumais Alberta   60kg Linda Ludwig Ontario
  Rob Umbaum Sask.      Elissa-Marie Gauthier Quebec
  Dave Petryk B.C.     Genvieve Lachance Quebec
75kg Richard Reittie Ontario     Laura MacPhee N.S.
  Francy Ntetu Quebec     Heather Schwartz B.C.
  Adonis Stevenson Quebec   63kg Isabelle Perreault Ontario
  David Lao  Manitoba     Katie Dunn Ontario
  Ryan O’Connell Alberta     Ayanna Pelletier Manitoba
  Joey LaClare Sask.    66kg Amanda Beaulieu Ontario
  Pouyan Abedini B.C.     Mary Spencer Ontario
  James Dawe N.B.     Nancy Laroche Quebec
81kg Glenn Hunter Ontario     Danielle Quee B.C.
  Alexandre Hamel Quebec   70kg Marianne Millar Ontario
  Albert Jegbefumere Bone B.C.     Gabrielle Deschenes Quebec
91kg Justin White Ontario     Arianne Fortin Quebec
  Nikolay Nikolov Quebec     Sheena Flamand Alberta
  Mathew Morgan Manitoba     Jennifer Purper B.C.
  Gino Nardari Alberta   75kg Lita Mae Button Ontario
91+kg Colin Sangster Ontario     Maude Bergeron Quebec
  Eric Martel Quebec   86kg Jacynthe Maloney Quebec 
  Robert Montgomery Alberta        
  Brennan Lowrie B.C.        
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