Another great day for Canada yesterday at the Women’s Continental Championships.  All Winners!!  46kg. Nancy Fortin won by w/o over Brazil.  Natalie Forget def. USA Sacred Downing 11-5 which was good because after the 2nd rnd. she was down 5-3 so she got 8-0 in last round.  Katie Dunn beat Brazil 24-11 the Brazilian boxer was one of their best so Katie had a battle on her hands.  Ariane Fortin def. Braz. 21-3.  All are very impressed with the Canadians and their technical ability.  Everyone is feeling really great.  Today Michelle Nelson vs USA Cheryl Houlihan, Sandra Bizier vs USA Melissa Roberts, Genevieve Lachance vs Ashley Barnett USA and Windsor’s Mary Spencer vs Elizabeth Quevedo of USA. 

Keep up the great work ladies!