Open Call


Boxing Ontario is asking for clubs to host this years CHIN Picnic tournament (8-10 bouts) at Exhibition Place on July 2, 2006 (estimated start time 3pm.)

Please submit your interest to the Boxing Ontario office by Wednesday May 10, 2006.

Note: Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

The bids will be reviewed by Boxing Ontario and announced May 12.

In return for hosting the CHIN Picnic tournament, Boxing Ontario:

– Pays a $2,000 hosting grant.

– Acts as liaison between CHIN and Host Club

Host Club is responsible for all financial requirements and operations of the show.Club provides and finances all officials, doctor, ring, set-up, gloves, matchmaking, timekeeping, bell, medical forms. In addition, Club is also required to attend press party (June 6, 12-2pm) with 3-4 boxers for short demonstration of event to media.